Phunyuka Bambethe: The People vs Jacob Zuma

When one is running away & being chased, they will throw things & people in the way to save their skin.

Jacob Zuma is employing said tactic as his 1st line of defence.

But knowing where the skeletons are buried doesnt equal innocence.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

We are caught in a dogfight between Mazzotti’s EFF & Ruperts ANC. The funny thing is that between the gangester & the billionaire, both fund the two organizations.

People are scrambling now that former president Jacob Gedleyihlekisa “Phunyuka Bamphethe” Zuma has finally been dragged before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice, Judge Raymond Zondo.

In what can only be seen as a co-ordinated pre-emptive strike, the pro-Zuma Twitterati launched an all out offencive on sunday that set the tone for an explosive Day 1 of Zuma’s cross examination.

George Soros, who often moonlights as the richest man on earth when he is not playing God & destabalizing goverments, was fingered as the hidden hand behind some of South Africas most influencial news sources.

Johann Rupert was called out as the man behind the curtain of White Monopoly Capital, something that many, if not most have hinted at for a few years now.

The skeletons are being dug up. Skeletons that have been rattling in secret graves, mahogany closets & guilty minds for some time now. Jacob Zuma is in attack mode & things are getting real, real quick.

But one has to wonder… will his targets call his bluff & let Dep Chief Justice Zondo cross examine The Corruptor?

Or will all these grown ass wo/men become cowards & shake before a whole Jacob Zuma?

Here is the truth…

They will probably cower. You see, ANC sold out. They agreed that if the aparthed government handed over political power to them & helped them create wealth for themselves, their familes & their friends, the likes of Johann Rupert & his merry Boerebond could keep control of the economy.

Jacob Zuma stole money & corrupted government. Sure he didnt dress up like Robber Racoon & run ragged through the above mentioned merry multi-millionaires bank vaults, but he might as well have. Except it was our countries coffers that he so brazenly expropriated. Without compensation.

And no one stopped him. Not his predecessors. Not his organization. Not our judicial system.

No one.

It begs the question… why? Perhaps its quite simple. Perhaps, as aformentioned Zuma acolytes have stressed & continued to point out, even as I write this… perhaps it is because they feared he would expose their actions.

And boy did he fire off a salvo across the bow.

He claims to be the victim of a conspiracy that included a poisoning attempt (Is he referring to when his wife tried to poison him or…), a couple non-suicidal suicide bombers, (I mean… he is still here so…), a smear campaign by a media that dares to remind the public of his affronts against said public & ofcourse a state capture commission that is unfairly targeting him by asking him to appear before it & give his side of the story… after being implicated by many of his own comrades.

Looks like he is the 1st conspiracy theorist to be believed in the history of the world. Well done Msholozi

Jacob Zuma plays the victim.

He is the humble boy from Nkandla that rose to the highest office in the land, despite his poor background.

He gave us free education, radical economic transformation & has dared to spit in the face of white monopoly capital. Oh, Msholozi.


He proclaimed free education he couldnt deliver, in a last ditch effort to swing the election of the ANC in favour of a faction he controlled.

He claims to champion (and is being called the father of) the same RET that Winnie Mandela fought for. Believing (along with his psychophants) that we have forgotten that his old apprentice, Julius Malema (& co), formed a radical organization called the Economic Freedom Fighters to fight for… erm… economic freedom (transformation)… because the ANC he was leading didnt want to push for RET.

He (& or maybe the Guptas) seem to pay for him to travel around with troops of supporters, including known Gupta stooges BLF, to maintain the facade that he is loved by the people.

In the great political game of who is fooling who… Zuma is fooling everyone.

My greatest sadness as a citizen, as a patriot, is that poverty, greed & lust for power & respect has made people betray their country & their honour.

People have been put in positions of power where they could change the destiny of our youth, our future, but instead they choose to loot the state & damn the next generation to unemployment, debt & poverty.

People have been witness to the destruction of our infrastructure for personal gain but have remained silent while people have died.

Everyone picks a side. No one picks South Africa.

Well I do. I pick South Africa.

The Rothschild puppets WILL fall. They have to if we are to reclaim our land. Steinhoff & Bosasa was just the tip of the iceberg.

But so will Jacob Zuma.

They call him phunyuka bambethe. The untouchable one.

But I think someone has touched him in his studio.

Jacob is just a man. He will eventually have to answer the allegations leveled against him.

Allegations of actions that are tantamout to treason.

Will he survive the counterattack that will follow his testimony of half truths & carefully framed statements?

Or is this the beginning of the end for the controversial former head of ANC intelligence?

All eyes are on the Zondo Commission.


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