Men Are Trash…

Why do women complain about men being trash when they keep picking trash men?

Women choose men based on their percieved wealth. Based on how much material stuff he can provide for her. But isnt there a saying that says “money cant buy happiness”?

Lets think about this… there are not too many wealthy men in the world. There are a few hundered or a few thousand, but there are billions of us on the planet. So the odds of finding a wealthy man out the gate are slim.

Now, of said wealthy men, there are a few things to be aware of from the onset. 1stly, it takes alot to make alot of money (unless you have rich parents, but we’ll get to that), so the chances are very high that man would have needed a supporting woman loooong before your hungry ass noticed his Tag-Heuer & the keys to his Aston. Yes, 8 times outta 10, wealthy men are taken. They have a family. Why because thats what you do when you are financially stable, you get married & have kids.

2ndly, there arent alot of opportunities to make said wealth. There are high paying jobs (that require one to be qualified to perform) & there is running your own comanpany. Other than that, realistically there is a ceiling to what you should expect your man to be able to do for you. Ofcourse he could come from a wealthy family. In which case, yay! But even a man born from money is human. Is he finacially literate? Does he have a drug habit? Is he a psychopath? Is the family business legit?

Now, obviouslly not all choose that path. But that requires you to analyze “why?”. Alot of women would save themselves alot of pain if they asked themselves “why” & payed attention to what they deduce.

Why is he so handsome & rich & yet he is single? Why does he belittle me in arguments? Stuff like that. Ask yourself “why” & you will see the blade before it reaches you. If he is an emotional abuser, a wife beater, a psychopath or even a murderous criminal matermind, you will see it loooong before you feel it. If you pay attention that is.

Remember, even Pablo Escobar & Frank Lucas were charming & wealthy and could be tender & loving. Even Jacob Zuma & Silvio Berlusconi have families. They drive fancy cars, can buy all the Versace, diamonds & Moet that you want. Many a loft & an education was paid for by these… self made “businessmen”. But they also had people chopped up for defying them. Had women & children slaughtered. Had people flayed, castrated, raped, mauled, maimed, hung, quartered, dismembered etc etc (Im talking about the druglords here). A lot of people had to die for this man to have all this money. And you believe you will live happily ever after having blood money spent on you? Hmmm…

But obviouslly not all rich men are criminals. Many studied hard & work long hours to make that paper. They sacrificed alot and had to earn every cent. But in most cases that was not a solo effort. Behind every great man there is a visionary woman. There is a saint that gave up her dreams to help him achieve his or a superhero by his side juggling being a wife, a mom & a badass business woman.

So hey, its not all bad. But the reality is that for the money, even this brand of wealthy man is targeted. He is tempted, hunted, cornered, seduced & slain. Sure its his fault. No one held a gun to his head. But they mite as well have. A redblooded hetrosexual man can only resist an attractive woman for as long as she does not present herself to him. If he resists her, it is with near superhuman ability. However if she keeps offering… he will fall. Its just nature.

Now imagine how much worse for the guys who are dealing with women throwing themselves at them? Nude pics. Graphic videos. Late night phonesex. Promises, promises, promises. Stalking his wife, learning her flaws & bringing them up all the time. And oh yeah, that blank sex cheque. Women are doing each other dirty out here. Families are being destroyed. All for the money. Yet men are trash…

It all sounds very dramatic. But the point Im making is this: these are not strong foundations to build a relationship on. You cant hook up with a guy that told you 100 lies to bed you and expect that he isnt a liar. You cant fall in love with a man with a violent temper & expect he wont beat you. You cant be with a man that owns people & takes lives & expect to not be his property. You cant take a man from his wife and expect he cant be taken from you.

So maybe start looking at the men around you and start changing the type of man you give attention to. After all, alot of the nerds & losers in high school ended up becoming CEOs & managers. Alot of the bad boys & jocks ended up working in stores or in jail. Maybe give that guy that always gets you coffee & remembers your birthday a chance. You never know when happiness will find you. Or what dreams people are working on in their free time.

Nothing worth having comes easy. Because easy come, easy go. Despite our best intentions, choosing a bad thing for a good reason is still a bad thing to do. After all, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Dont fall victim to greed. Have some self respect. Earn your fortune the right way & love someone that appreciates, honours & respects you. Stop choosing trash over men. Men arent trash. We just have a lot to deal with & yes that included dealing with the reprecussions of living in a society that oppressed women for thousands of years.

Was it right? No. Should we fix it? Yes, we are doing that. But should we now flip the script and push for a society that oppresses men? Where a competition is seen as wrong & young boys are being coaxed towards choosing sex changes & being more feminine? No. It needs balance. Right?

Men are not trash. Women just seem to gravitate to trash men. Change the type of man you mess around with. Start choosing character over car, wisdom over wealth, evidence of his love over an ewallet… & see if you wont change your opinion. Or dont. But then stop dragging us into your mess. Because not all men are trash. We are just being dumped on.


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