The Truth About Eden

As young Seth finished watching TV & took his tray to the kitchen, what he had just watched continued to play on his mind. So he decided to go ask his Grandfather Antonio, a retired archaeologist, about what he had watched.

“Grandad.” “Yes Seth?” Smiled the older man as he puffed on one of his funny smelling rolled cigarrettes. “Did Adam have a wife called Lilith?”

The old man looked over his glasses at the young man & abruptly closed the thick tome he was inspecting. “Indeed ma boy. Indeed. In fact, Lilith was the 1st woman. She was the prototype for humanity. God made her 1st, as there were no female beings.

God wanted to make beings that where not of heaven. Children He could teach & watch grow. So after pondering things He made Adam.”

“So God made women 1st” asked the shocked young man

“Yes son. He did. Remember, the heavenly beings, were male. Hence God still had to form beings. So, by creating women, He created a being that could incubate life. All He needed to do was create a male counterpart & teach them how to procreate.”

“Wow… God is amazing Grandpa.” “Indeed. But can I ask, why the interest in this story?”

The young man shrugged. “I heard about poor Lilith on TV. So I guess Adam cheated with Eve?”

“No my grand child. No. There is no poor Lilith. Lilith is not a victim in this story.” The teenager scratches his head. “Huh?” “Seth, Lilith is not who you think she is. Let me explain.”

“As I told you son, Lilith was the 1st human. Between making her & Adam, God probably took a couple hundred years. So Lilith spent a looong time on her own. She gained much knowledge in her years as the only human. She had wondered the world & learned its secrets. During this time she was seduced by Samyaza, The Lightbringer, Chief of The Principalities aka The Watchers. He wanted to gain power and believed he could do so by claiming Gods new creation & enslaving her to him.”

“Lucifer!” “Yes. Though his true name was Samyaza”

“Lilith, having learned from her wanderings about male & female, convinced Sam to produce a phallus and mated with him as she had seen the animals do. Having never experienced sexuality, Sam was instantly addicted to Lilith & thus, in an ironic twist of fate… it was he that became enslaved to her. Samyaza proceeded to defile Lilith in all possible ways as she opened herself to him (creating many of the taboo sexual acts we know) and soon the world was populated with their offspring, whom Samyaza, along with 1 or 2 other Principalities, also defiled & taught how to defile each other & their mother/godess.

“Grandad!” “What Seth?” “That is disgusting…” “Yes Seth, it is.”

“Her children called her Mother Earth. Gaia, etc & worshiped her with rituals of lust. Most of them resembled Samyaza more than they did Lilith. But some, very few, had Liliths dark hair… God ofcourse knew of Lilith & Sam, but He had no plans for or need of the creatures his errant child had made with his rebelious beaurocrat, so He decided to incubate humans away from the entities birthed from Lilith’s fornications with Samyaza.”

“So there were other people in the world before Adam & Eve?” “Yes Seth, many more. But these were not people He created. They where pale of skin, resembling the angels, Principalities & Cherubim, whereas God had immbued The Seraphim with his melanin, resulting in darker skin, like His when he took physical form as Jesus.”

“Hence He created Eden (Africa as it is known now) He then made Adamu aka Adam & presented him to Lilith, as He still loved His 2nd born. Lilith, who was pale of skin (like The Principalities) rejected Adam as his “dark” skin (he was brown as he had too been immbued with the royal melanin) was foreign to her & she was by now worshiped as a godess by her offspring & The Principalities.”

“What are The Principalities Grandad?” “Well, they were the angels that guided and protected nations, groups of peoples and institutions such as the Church, my boy. They presided over the bands of angels/messengers and charged them with fulfilling the divine ministry. Some were administrators and some where assistants.” “Where?” “Yes. Where. This was all before The Fall” “I see. Thanks Grandad. So what happened to Lilith?”

“Well, God barred her from leaving Eden & commanded she marry Adam. Lilith complied. But she refused to be his wife. She refused to allow him to drink from her breasts. She wrestled him when he attempted to make love to her, she made him defile her as Samyaza & her multitude of lovers had taught her and would spill Adams seed when he gave it to her, preventing him from impregnating her.

Eventually God had enough of her treachery and banished her from Eden. But as His second child (Jesus being the 1st) He still couldnt punish her. She was his little girl and he hoped she would change her ways. So He left her to rule her children, the people of Nod aka The Neanderthals and began recreating the world.

But having mated with Adam & mankind being superior to the Principalities & her offspring physically, Lilith desired Adam, as her sons could not satisfy her lust. So she went back to Eden, only to find The Cherubim had been placed as guardians & the way was barred.”

“Jesus? But I thought my Lord was born in Bethlehem…” “Hahahahaha! As a man, yes. But Jesus was the 1st being God created. He is The General of Heavens Armies. He is the physicsl manifestation of God.” “Wow… This is not how they explained it in Sunday school.” “I imagine not.” smirked the old man.

“Anyway,” he continued “by now God had made Eve & she was the most beautiful creature in existance. Where Lilith was pale & only her vulva, thicker nipples & longer hair distinguished her from Adam, Eve was supple, with large breasts, Adams curly hair & dark skin. Having tasted the pleasures of a female, Samyaza & his minions desired Eve. They yearned for her & infact, many died trying to enter Eden so they could have Eve. But The Cherubim are not to be trifled with. So they told Lilith about her. About how God had replaced her & given her husband to the new female.

Lilith was livid. She cried & screamed & cursed her Father as she felt heartbreak for the 1st time. It is on that day hate was born, Seth & it is because of this… love turning into hate, that Lilith resolved to corrupt humanity. Using the alchemy taught to her by Samyaza, she turned herself into the 1st serpant & slithered past the Cherubim, into The Garden of Eden. There she ascended into the Tree of Knowledge & proceeded to trick Eve & damn humanity!”

“No! LILITH!” “Yes. Lilith.” “How could she…” “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, ma boy.” “Agreed Grandad. Agreed.”

“As you have now gathered Seth, it is this betrayal that triggered The Great Upheaval that included The Fall of Man, The Fall & the birth of Hell. God cursed Lilith to remain in her form & called her Satan, The advesary of woman (Eve) & her offspring. He then banished Adam & Eve from The Garden of Eden but not from Eden itself. He then caused The Garden of Eden to sink into the earth so as to keep The Tree away from Liliths offspring.” “Wait so does The Garden still exist?” The old man smiled at his grandson as he rubbed his grey beard & looked out the window into the distance “I believe it does Seth. Somewhere under The Cradle of Mankind. We just havent found it yet” “Found it?! What about The Cherubim?!” “Hahahahaha! You raise a good point. You are wiser than you look.” “Grandad…” “Hahahaha!” chuckled the old man “Alright, alright.”

“As I was saying, God then turned His attention to The Principalities. He was going to purify them, forgive them & rededicate them, but then The Mutiny of Heaven occured. Samyaza, angered by the fate of his paramour, decided to claim the earth & all females. He made a pact with his brothers (the other Principalities) & they decended down on Mount Hermon (called Olympus by the Greeks…) & proceeded to teach sin to the world & mate with humans.”

“They explain this in The Book of Enoch.” “That is correct grandson. Very well identified.”

“Angered by Samyaza & co, The Archangel, Michael & The Seraphim came to The Great Hall of Heaven, bowed before their Father & implored that he stop The Principalities, now calling themselves Gods, as The Host of Heaven could no longer bare to watch the obscene debauchery, the wanton bloodshed or the recless use of magic through alchemy. God would have sent a meteor to wipe out all life on earth as he normally does (this is how He cleared the dinosours & most of Liliths kids out to accomodate us) but He had become friends with Adams son Seth & his descendents after Cain (the product of Samyaza raping Eve) killed Abel, the 1st born human. 1st He banished Cain, who went to live with his people & introduced melanin into their bloodline. Then, he decided to imprison The Fallen/The Principalities in The 4th Dimention (aka The Upside Down…) & flood the world to kill off Lilith, Samyazas & The Fallens bloodline.

But it was too late. Though many of them died… the bloodline of Samyaza, Lilith & Cain endured & has been maintained via incest. This is why the world we know today is how it is. Because the children of Samyaza, The Devil aka Lucifer aka Zeus aka Odin aka Ra aka Brahma & Lilith, The Satan aka Gaia aka Hera/Hecate/Medusa/Media aka Isis are still trying to fullfill the ancient hope… That is, the destruction of mankind & the freeing of The Fallen from Hell, so they may usurp Heaven.”

“I dont know what to say Grandad…” “Well, thats okay my boy. Make of this what you will. But know this is the truth about Lilith. She is not some cool horny fairy. She is The Advesary of Women & lover of The Enemy Of Man. You would do well to remember this. Especially as a descendent of Adam & Eve.”

“But there is nothing to worry about right? Lilith is long dead. Right?” “Well son… that is the thing. One can never know for sure. So just be careful.” “Careful?” “Yes. Careful. If you meet a woman that likes snakes… run.” “Hahahahaha!” “I mean it, Seth. Also bear in mind that as powerful beings that used to reside in heaven, The Fallen endure. They astral project to this plain as demonic spirits & continue to guide their offspring towards their aim. Which is why The Merovingians & their acolytes (satanists) commune with spirits. They are communicating with their ancrstors, The Fallen. So dont forget what I have just told you.” “Okay Grandad.” “Good. Now how about I tell you the story of how I lost my hand?”


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