There are many things. Many things… many things that can kill a man.

But did you know, that love is the biggest killer of man? Its kinda shocking… but lets try to understand.

Look… its hard to say these words about such a magic thing.

Boet… dont think Im trying to tell you not to buy that ring.

No. What Im trying to accomplish, is to let you know the facts.

And mainly… mainly, Im trying to tell you how to avoid the traps. There arent alot of gaps.

First thing you should know, love is not an emotion, its just a feeling.

This much I know, because love as we know it, has a ceiling.

Now hear this. I remember when I was young… happy, clueless and free.

I remember seeing all the TV shows, showing us what love was meant to be.

But in the time that elapsed, as I grew from a kid to a teen.

I learned that love didnt last. At least not always. And I awoke from my dream.

Infact, love leads to pain. There are wars that have been fought, for a queen.

Not because its what she wants, but because she is wanted, you see?

Love is elusive. Its like playing a game of high stakes hide and seek.

You can find it, but if you dont catch it, you can loose it as it dodges and flees.

And most of the time we are tricked by our need to release.

When the moaning is done in the morning, we realise we were decieved.

Love is like a dagger in the hands of some pagan priest.

On the alter of love we are sacrificed while our lover watches us bleed.

You can sacrifice it all, change your life, change your ways for your broad.

But even that mite not be enough, because she’ll leave you for someone random, because she is bored.

You can try to be the best, be attentive, be supportive, be her wings.

But she could leave you for someone that that disrespects her, someone that hits her, because he excites her and buys her things.

You see, you still believe in love, but what you where taught was just a dream.

You read too many stories, now you are a fool, it seems.

Love doesnt matter. Not as much as cash.

If you arent a spender, then you arent a catch.

Women live their whole lives with a man that they dont trust.

Who in the end breaks her and leaves her. But its all good if he leaves her a trust.

But sometimes he mite not leave her, because he enjoys making her cry.

Sometimes she finds her love of money, lead her to an evil guy.

Too late she finds that making money, the key to getting her as a wife.

Lead her to a man with power, that now controls her and her entire life.

But its not so bad to be oppressed, when you can have anything you desire.

It doesnt matter that he is shallow and weak, because he can buy her diamonds.

Its a moot point that he is ugly and fat, because he drive her around in an beemer.

Who cares if he cant write her a poem. She wants money, not some stupid dreamer.

She doesnt want a guy who loves her. Some fool who “wants to build a life”.

Yet it is he that will mourn her, when the evil man takes her life.

It is he that will avenger her, it is he who will bear the pain.

And when the dust all settles, love will have another victim again.

So rather have your eyes open. Do not be decieved.

Dont hang on to fairy tales and dont chase after dreams.

Do what you have to do, to give her what she wants, my G.

Or you will have to live with a broken heart, looking for love and belief.

There are many things that can kill a man. 1000 ways to die.

But there is only one thing that can destroy you, my guy.

Dont be foolish. Dont be week. Let it go. Be a man.

Dont fall victim to love, kill your heart yourself, understand?


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