The Painting Of Life

Life is what happens when we’re making plans.

It’s as uncertain as the weather or the heart of a conflicted man. They say that life is what we make it, it’s the canvas for our art but I would swear that last I checked, it was a journey at the start…

Life you are a mystery, I wonder what you really are? So let’s just say that it’s a canvas, I like that idea. Let’s just say that it’s a picture that we paint year after year.

“Life is what happens when we’re making plans.”

Is it a picture of the weather or is it a collage? What is the picture that we paint, are we in charge? My thoughts are drifting slowly like a barge on the Thames… but if life is a picture, then that would explain change.

It’s the only absolute constant like the ending of the day. It’s the thing we saw coming, yet we didn’t expect it today. It’s the only thing that makes me nervous… makes me break a sweat. Are you not prepared my boy aren’t you ready yet?

But change is change… it’s what it is, an eventuality. Like moving house or growing up, it’s called reality. As much as change means disrupting the bubble of our comfort zone, you have no choice but deal with it. To deal with it alone…

Just when I was so used to my routine its up and gone… but in truth it can’t be helped, adapt or you will fail. Because in the end a painting needs colour, so paint a sunny day.

“It’s a picture that we paint year after year.”

It doesn’t take one stroke or one day, to paint a masterpiece. So paint your picture changing colours, use as much flair as you please… if you want to you can add a storm or add an apple tree. It’s your life to create, paint anything you please.

See when you’re drawing or painting, the start can be a little rough. Just like life it differs for every artist and every one of us. You go through drafts, you make mistakes, you change your mind, you take a break, but in the end it’s all about the strokes we make. As long as you have the final form in the cache of mind… skies may rip and tears may fall, but we’ll be perfectly fine.

“It doesn’t take one stroke or one day, to paint a masterpiece.”

Trust in yourself is what I say. That’s the only thing I accept. Because you never really know for certain what change will affect. And you can’t exactly prepare… for what you don’t expect. It’s quite the problem. So what exactly do we do?

Trust in your ability to adapt… and you’ll get through. That’s what I should do.



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