In Defence Of Our Freedom

Be vigilant It is time we summon our courage, set aside tribal lines and stand united in defence of our liberty.
Our liberty was hard won. Yet in the years since our liberation, we continue to be hard done by.
It is time we put our hands on the gears that run our nation. It is time we put our hands on the gears and the leavers and be involved in the managing of our freedom.

It is time we stop allowing those that we pay to administrate our government, to give us bad service. Its time we were aware of the laws that are being passed in the minutes, hours and days that our representatives wield influence.. on our behalf.
It is time we stopped allowing those meant to serve us and protect us, to continue to betray us and to bleed us.
The enemy is moving against us and it is time we force our leaders to steer our country in the right direction. The money that the ANC government allowed to be stolen to enrich themselves at the cost of you, the citizens, has depleted our economy to the point of economic collapse.
It is time we stop playing with words and admit the truth. The ANC has consistently proven that they do not operate in the interests of South Africa and you, the South Africans… no. They operate in the interests of those in their organization that wield power.
We have been gravely compromised at fundamental levels and in vital state organs. We have seen revelation after revelation and expose after expose. Alluding to evidence of a rogue government. Theft. Misuse of state resources. Associating with criminals. Borderline treason… yet we continue to allow ourselves to be lead by these mafia organizations.
Dear #RSAPatriots.. do we not realize that it is our very sovereignty that is at stake?
We need to take an interest in and take control of the governance of our land. We need to change the political discourse. We need to alter the current political culture. We need to regain control of our nation and re-purpose it to benefit us.
How are our citizens poor when our resources are plentiful? How is most of our nation displaced when there is enough land for all? How is our economy at the beck and call of foreign nations when we are a nation wealthy in minerals?
These are the questions we need to be asking.
You may be one. We may be few. But we will be many. It is time we spoke in a new voice. With a new aim. New goals. We are after all, a new society.
So Rise up fellow South Africans.
Stand in defence of our liberty and sovereignty as those who we allow to “lead” us have steered us to destruction and are steering us towards our doom.
Rise up. Because you must. Because you can not allow our nation to fail. For if we fail… then it will be the IMF that owns the land we so desperately desire.
Stand up. #RiseUpRSA
And even if your nation is of a different name, it is caught in the same struggle. So let us all rise up. Let us rise up and take back the world.


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