Racism: The Spectre Of White Privilege

Since willful ignorance & facetious logic is the modus operandi that the defenders of “white priviledge” seem to want to adhere to… lets change tack.

Im going to illustrate what black people are trying to point out when we talk about the advantages of growing up “black” vs “white”.

1stly, lets address the “ANC is in power so you people have the advantage” trope…

1.) Yes, ANC took over & is a black government & one would have assumed that meant black people would flourish… but they only recieved political power & the economy remained under the control of the same white men who controled it before 1994. Fact.

2.) The ANC became corrupt due to a sense of entitlement & selfish greed. Though one would expect the masses to do away with them… that line of reasoning falls flat if you do not take into account the fact that ANC propaganda is that they (not the entire diverse Liberation Movement) liberated SA & that they are the only thing standing between SA & the return of Apartheid & the fact that “Bantu Education” robbed most of the black populace of the ability to perform critical reasoning & analysis…

You see, history is not only dictated by the victors of a war, it is also affected by them. When the settlers decided to enslave the black people of south africa, they took measures to ensure they couldnt rise up. They forbade them from gaining knowledge, they dehumenized them, they dispossesed them of their land. They tortured them & they policed them.

Its easy to say “well that happened but now its different, get over it…” but are you not ignoring the problem of consequence? What is the consequence of creating a generation or generations if illiterate, poor people? The consequence is generational poverty. Generational ignorance. Systemic poverty. The legacy of Bantu Education is far reaching.

A poor ignorant parent can not prepare their child the same way a learned well off parent can.

The one struggles to make ends meet and has no knowledge of ways & means they can help themselves or advance their child. The other has means & knowledge they can impart.

One has bad credit. One has good credit.

One ends up relying on their child to support them, one can support their adult child in times of need.

One has nothing to give their child. One has amassed an amount of wealth they can leave their child.

One doesnt even have a house or car themselves, one can either buy their kid a car and or house (or stand as surity).

The differences are important as they determine your trajectory.

I know most white people today didnt do the oppressing or disposessing themselves, but the fact is the system was designed to benefit you. Being facetious & snide doesnt change that.

In summary: What black people mean by they want the land back is that we are tired of living in shacks when 1 farmer has more land than he can farm on or live on (and there are 100s of these farms.)

What black people mean when they say we should redistribute wealth is all these billions in funds could be shared equally amongst the populace without affecting your job or bank account.

We are saying banks & insurance companies should stop racial profiling us & give us opportunities to get credit & insurance without having to pay unaffordable premiums & needing to prove we have the money we are trying to loan (because, doesnt that mean I dont need the loan?)

Stop taking this as an attack. We are a nation trying to fix what our predecessors broke. Pointing fingers is helping no one.

We need to join together & fix it. White south africans need to take responsibility & offer a mia culpa. Then participate in redressing the mistakes of their forefathers. Germany did that. Look at them now.

We need to stand together as RSA Patriots… before the chaos of the current global political climate puts us on a course we cant come back from.

There are sinister things afoot. We need to get our house in order before its too late.


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