King Simba & The Shards of Kusanagi

And as he stood in the forges of the Dragons Mountain, now known as the Drakensburg, King Simba the Lion Heart held aloft the sword that The Ancient One had forged for him.

It hummed & radiated with power. Indeed it would be a match for anything Hephestus would create for the Olympians.

“Her name is Yamato.” said the old man. “Katana no Tenshou Tenge. The Sword Of Heaven & Earth. Forged from the shards of Kusanagi no Tsurugi! She is, my finest work.”

The king, looked at its shining blade. He could see his reflection in the steel. He could see the dancing flames of the forge & could feel the heat shimmering on the edge.

“Yamato. Tenshou Tenge.” he repeated. “The sword of heaven & earth.. ”

He flicked the sword in an arc and then sliced downward. The air zinged as it was cut & the wind gave way to the energy projected by the blade

Indeed it was a powerful weapon that old man Takeru had forged.

It was with this weapon that King Simba accidentally sliced off most of The Great Mountain in his battle with the Nephalim, leaving behind what would become known as Table Mountain.

It was this weapon that was fabled to have been gifted to Lady Nimue of The Lake after the death of King Simba. The same weapon she christened “Caliburn” & well… that is a story for another day.


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