The Riddle In The Sun & The Very Large Moon

So… the sun had a bit of a wierd moment before Christmas

A large coronal hole developed on the surface of the Sun in the form of a question mark around Christmas.

Ofcourse, scientists say its normal… but agree that this was a larger coronal hole than usual and that it was a bit wierd. The wierdest part ofcourse being the fact that the magnetic vaccum/coronal hole made by the alleged “normal” phenomenon took the form of a question mark as it churned inside the vortexes of the sun.

Obviously optical illusions are common place. Obviously coincidences happen. But one has to wonder… what is the riddle the Sun is alluding to? Are we being reminded to question everything?

Coincidentally, the Moon over South Africa (or maybe the world?) also got a bit trippy around Christmas.

It seemed to give in a little to the earths gravity & nearly touched down in the Atlantic Ocean. All the stoners in Cape Town nearly kaked themselves.

But though the 1st moon landing in over a decade seemed imminent… the sky didnt fall and the Capetonians awoke safely (with serious munchies) and the planet is still spinning along.

But I gotta say… that is a pretty interesting coincidence dont you think? And whats up with the trajectory of the moon these days anyway? Did you hear that it is gradually spinning away?

Though alot of petty & irrelevant things have been taking center stage because our governments have become inept cesspools of corruption, greed & vanity that are run by mobsters, murderers & bigots… we need to keep our eyes open to the universe around us.

Sure there are wars being waged and innocent lives are being lost as the people we have chosen to lead us play at war & its true that our so called leaders continually spend resources that could be used to end the plight of starving children to build weapons of mass destruction…but I just thought it was important to bring it to your attention (if you didnt already know) that there are bigger things to worry about than Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma & Isreal/Syria.

Ofcourse I know that the alarming state of the world is the most important thing that we should be focusing on and I know that we all have to deal with this fine mess we have made…

But maybe we should also make sure the sun doesnt explode while we are sleeping or a giant flaming rock doesnt wipe us off the map (thank God for Jupiter right?) while we are watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, trading Bitcoins & listening listening to Trap music (issa trap…).

Let us hope that the people we have entrusted to watch our skies (looking at you NASA & SANSA) are actually watching our skies. Let us hope God doesnt give up on us & class us as a failed project earmarked for destruction…

After all… we are all floating on a large rock in the middle of space… spinning around a flaming ball of hydrogen… while flaming comets, large meteors & toxic debris miss annihilating us by moments… every other day.

Just a thought. Use it, dont use it… AQ

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