Dear Black People

I have edited this post to expand on some of the things I mentioned. After all, knowledge is power. Please re-read. Visually & narratively it will be worth the effort 😊

Its time you dispelled this genjutsu. Break this curse. Shake off this hoodoo.

Do you not know who you are? Do you not realize you are the 1st Men? Do you not know you are the blueprint? Do you not know you are the children of royalty? Did no one ever tell you about the empires of #Africa?

Have you heard of the kingdoms of Kush, Mauretania and that of the Vandals & Alans?

Do you know about the kingdoms of Alodia & Tlemcen and of the Khurasanid, Hafsid & Marinid dynasties? Or the Mamluk sultanate?

What about the kingdoms of Punt and D’mt? The Askumite Empire?

The Kilwa, Ifat, Warsangali and Ajuran sultanates? The kingdoms of Medri Bahri, Burundi or Rwanda? Not even The Great Ethiopian Empire… no?

Have you never been told of the empires of Ghana, Bennin, Mali, Jolof, Wolof, Bornu, Oyo and The Great Empire of Fulo? Of the kingdoms of Bonoman, Mossi, Takrur, Dagbon, Sine, Shilluk and Shaloum?


Perhaps then you know of The Sao? The Kanem-Bornu, Luba, Wadai, Lunda and Mthethwa empires? The kingdoms of Kongo, Ndongo and Lunda?

Surely you must have heard of the Rozwi & Mutapa empires or of the kingdoms of Mapungubwe, Zimbabwe, Mutapa, Butua and Merina? No?

Seriously? Then you must not be aware that the empires of Kanem-Bornu, Wadai & Ethiopia, the sultanate of Darfur, the Aro Confederacy and the kingdoms of Dahomey, Burundi, Rwanda & Saloum only ended within the last 100 years.

Or that the kingdoms of Alaouite, Buganda & Kuba, the sultanate of Aussa and probably remnants of The Mthethwa Empire via the Thembu, Xhosa, Zulu, Swati & Bafokeng kingdoms still exist today…

Are you aware that the words that have been used to enslave you to this illusion of inferiority are based on misinterpretations, ignorance & stupidity? Not?

I see… let me break it down for you:

I.) Nigger

The evil word “nigger” is derived from the blanket term portugese slavers used to refer to their african livestock. Because most were dark of skin, the slavers called us “negro”. As in “black”. As in the colour black.

As an example, your hair could be “negro”. Your shirt could be “negro”. It was not really an offensive term. Thus when the american slavers, joined the slave trade they adopted the term.

But that southern drawl is some shii… when they said “negro” it came out “neegro” and before a freeman could take a long walk to freedom… or a cowboy could spit, “nigger” was born. With all its malice and entropy.

But wait a minute… doesnt that mean even the portugese were negros themselves? Or were they not counting the yellowbones amongst the negro’s? Coz if they had been… the Terrence Howard looking slave should have raised a point of information with Cpt Mourinho… #NegroYouDarkerThanMe

Food for thought, but I digress…

#DearBlackPeople it is clear to see that the word “nigger” does not exist. The word negro does. So if you are fine being identified as black, then that translates to negro. (As an aside to the non-black people and the boojie Uncle Phil type mu’fuckers *you know who you are…* reading, this is why nigga’s call each other nigga. We took the word nigger, broke it and repurposed it to its original meaning)

The word nigger is a mispronounciation. The word “nigger” has no power.

But the word negus does… it means monarch.

Now let’s look a the second binding word…

2.) Kaffir

The word “kaffir” or “cafir/kafir” was the term arab traders used to refer to non-believers. As in infidels. As in people that dont believe in islam. But more specifically, God as they knew Him. Allah.

The portugese ofcourse adopted this term and attached it on to the slaves (as if “negro” was not enough) and incorparated it into their lingo. Soon, before a master could whip a slave, the word “#kafir” was flying around like a disease in a quarantine zone. Literally from Cape to Cairo.

But wait a minute… werent the portugese & english infidels as well by definition? So… that would make them kafirs as well… right? And as african society mostley identified with the Mawu voodoo/pagan religion… most of the world fell into or falls into the category of kafir.

Let that sink in.

As most of us who read religious text and study history are undoubtedly aware… God/Jehova & Allah are the same person. Islam is like Catholism or Anglicanism or Judaism or Protestantism etc. Same God. Same angelic rank. We just differ in some details…

Seriously guys, remember the part in history where the missionaries came here and there was that whole thing with the teaching of the bible? Also the whole part where King Solomon and Sheba had the son and Ethiopia became a christian state/empire? You do? Great. Then also bear in mind that many african nations began to adopt Islam as time went on.

Taking all of this into account, it is clear that most “negro” obviously grew up in either a Christian or Muslim based faith structure.

And though many remained and remain believers in the pagan religions of our ancestors and consult them from time to time, those of us who moved away from the vodun pantheon of Mawu to that of Jehova/Allah no longer identified as “pagan”.

Which means the only people who were kafirs in actual fact… by definition… were the freemasons, athiests, theosophists, pagans & satanists.

“Let that bitch breath”

These groups knew this… they just didnt care. Instead they bound the term to “the niggers”. They beat it, shouted it and branded it into our psyche. If only a black child knew…

#DearBlackPeople, the the word kaffir does not refer to you. You are Gods Children.

The word kaffir does not exist. It is a misunderstood term, misused (and misspelt) by stupid fools.

The word “kaffir” has no power.

But there is indeed power in words. So read. Read about your history. Arm yourself with knowledge so that you can free your mind.

A negus is not a slave…. he is a king. Like a lion is & a dragon”

Dont let anyone tell you different. Now lets bring out that black excellence – AQ

4 thoughts on “Dear Black People

  1. YAAAAAASSS! Speak to us, my brotha! What an amazing post! I feel ashamed to say I do not know most of those empires or have alot of knowledge about our histories. Thank you for making me realise I have much to learn. Research time! 😊

    Liked by 1 person


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