Bankai Theory: The Power Of Words & Self Belief

When it is all on the line… when your back is against the wall & your resolve is shaking… remember your power word. “Bankai!” Have words of strength that you can lean on to support yourself in times of crisis. Code yourself to react, to defend, to unleash.

Master your own mind and you will gain control of your body. Master your body & you can engage the world at a higher velocity. But master both & you tame your will. Tame your will & well… you will be able to project strength & keep your resolve sharp.

Your power words or word can be used to activate your focus. To be mission ready. A prayer, a verse from your favourite song or poem or film. A single word, like “Bankai!”… you will be surprized how well it calms the nerves down before a speech or meeting or soccer match.
Control your mind & body and you will have a better quality of life. Train your most lethal self, your most superhuman, your spiritual warrior self & seal him/her behind a word… and when they push you too far… release your seal & heaven help them all.

But why would you do something so lame & corny you ask? Why that is a good question… because this is the means by which thou control the temper. By training, honing & sealing it. By training your resolve & honing your skill you strengthen yourself. By strengthening yourself, you increase your trust in your own capability. By trusting in your own capability you allow yourself to control everything in your sphere of influence.

Self control, self belief & self management.

Its a tall order for an mortal man, but the formula for enlightenment. So choose to be different. Harness yourself. Unleash yourself. When the night is darkest & the dawn is distant. You can choose to fail… or you can choose to whisper the name of the wind, the name of your loved one, your favorite Backstreet Boy or even the ten commandments of the Bible… and bring forth your warrior self and slay slay slay.

The trick is to whisper it or say it in your head though. Otherwise you will find your way across the threshold of madness.

The mind is a marvelous thing when you have control over it.
What is your power word I wonder… #kingaqui #wisdom #martialarts

4 thoughts on “Bankai Theory: The Power Of Words & Self Belief

  1. Thank you for posting this awesome article.
    I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a
    comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Facebook.
    Thanks again for a great article!



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