In Opposition: Rage against The Dying Of The Light

The League Of Citizens Of The Republic Of South Africa

It has been a while since #TheLeague has been active on social media. A lot has been happening around us & for the everyday men & women like ourselves, this has been a heavy tide.
Primarily our political landscape has become a battleground for the Shakespearean Tragedy that is the #ANC succession battle & amidst all of this noise, all of our political apparatus as a society has been directed at commenting about, predicting & analyzing the events and possibilities of the farce that our government has become.
Our people march. Our opposition parties battle it out in the courts. But still the succubus that is #TheStateCaptureNetwork survives and continue to drain us.
Indeed it is as if all of our fighting spirit as a nation has been sapped in the wake of the events that have unfolded. It has been drained from us as we have been battered with…

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