In Opposition: Rise Up & Push Back

The League Of Citizens Of The Republic Of South Africa

This is a message of encouragement for the people of South Africa from The Chairman of The #RSAPatriots League:

Dear South Africa

We know you are tired. We know that after all that has come to light and after the marches and tweets and outrage that nothing has happened. No one has done anything and you do not know what to do. We understand.

You have heard of cases being opened. You have heard party leaders call for heads. Even the Constitutional Court was engaged… but nothing has happened.

All we hear is the ANC talking smack and patting itself on the back. All we read is people stating the obvious. But in reality, The Zuma Cartel still thrives. The State Capture Network continues on, unabated, uninterrupted, only now with purpose and speed as they now know they have until 2019.

But we have to ask you… are you…

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