Revolt: The Empire Strikes Back

Most of us who are fans of hip hop are familiar with Immortal Technique. In his song Cause Of Death, from the album IT Revolutionary Vol. II, the opening line goes:

“You better watch what the fuck flies out of your mouth… or Ima hijack a plane & fly it into your house.”

Of course Technique was not personally threatening the world, no his punch-line was a reference to the events of September 11th 2001. A day that both shocked & changed the world, sending us on a roller-coaster ride of financial uncertainty, social upheaval & increasing conflict as the threat of terrorism was unleashed upon us all, like a slap that echoed across the skies of our society.
It is an infamous day in the history of the world & as I write this, I cant help but wonder if 30th March 2017 will have its own place in history.


After a lot of drama & subterfuge, President Jacob G Zuma finally got his man.
In the late hours of Thursday evening, while many of us where either hard at work, sleeping or riding the lightning of a lekker Puza Thursday, the Cabinet Of The Presidency of RSA was reshuffled & among the names of the 10 or so Ministers that where recalled was Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.
Yes, Pravin is no longer the Minister of Finance & Mcebisi Jonas is no longer his deputy.
Can you hear Zumas slap echoing?


 It feels like such a body blow after all we have been put through. After the signs of dissent at Ahmed Kathrada’s funeral & former President Kgalema Motlanthe reiterating that Zuma must step down, after the SACP press conference & all the opposition… this was not what we were expecting to happen.

After Bathabile & the #SASSACrisis debacle, after the Gauteng Department of Health & the tragedy of the deaths in connection with #LifeEsidimeni, after the show of military might at #SONA2017 & the assaulting of EFF Members of Parliament on live television, after the #StateCapture report, the #Nkandla report, #TheArmsDeal, racism racism #racism… it really seems like too much, doesn’t it?
This is all enough to make you want to turn a blind eye & occupy your brain with thoughts of other things isn’t it? After all, this doesn’t affect us directly, right? Wrong!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

But even as I type this I can already see people directing our attention to the falling of the rand. I can already imagine us assuming that the world is assuming that Malusi Gigaba, the new Minister of Finance, is going to walk into the vault at The Treasury, like Vince McMahon with a large set of keys to the kingdom & start filling up bags & handing them off to Gupta henchmen to sneak out of the country via a private airfield.
I can already hear people shouting doom & gloom & advising us to batten down the hatches & prepare for the worst. I would even hazard a guess that flights are being booked for Australia (again) as you read this & a lot of finger pointing is going on at ANC HQ… but do we really know what is going on?


Many of us will take Mr Gigaba at face value & assume he doesn’t look like he should be Minister of Finance. But then we will notice his expensive suits & his confident swagger & wonder if we may be wrong in that assumption. After all, Mr Gigaba has amassed a lot of experience in the business of South Africa in his former roles in the ministries of Public Enterprises & Home Affairs.
He is a lot of things, but incompetent is not one of those things. Right?


We will start looking at all the women that have been promoted & many will be saying that Zuma has done good & promoted a lot of women. We will be told about what a plus this is for gender equality. We will also be told that youth is being injected into our government & that this is a good thing & those infatuated with Fikile Mbalula will point out what a Razzmatazz guy he is & many more will follow the new Minister of Police on Twitter & we will all get over this. Right?
I bet we are just all blowing this out of proportion & life will carry on & we will all get over this & hold hands & sing Khumbaya, right? Wrong.

“A lot of finger pointing is going on at ANC HQ… but do we really know what is going on? “

What effectively happened on Thursday night, while we all slept & drank, was akin to a round of high stakes poker & what #Zuma, the rogue dealer did was reshuffle the deck & stack it in his favor as a player. The sad reality is that he is playing against us, the people he is supposed to be leading

We know Zuma is out to enrich himself at our expense. We know that he has no regard for The Constitution & sees himself as above The Law. We know that he is after direct control of The Treasury. Now The Cabinet is stacked with loyalists & Zuma has vanquished his nemesis. Operation Checkmate seems to have been a resounding success.


The only thing required for Zuma to succeed & that has allowed him to succeed, is for us to do nothing. If we sit idly by & allow Zuma to continue leading us, he will lead us to destruction. We need to find a way to rise up & make ourselves heard & to effect change because if we don’t we will suffer the consequences.

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato


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