The Laughter Of The Ram King…

This short story is about the coronation of Mayam Rothschister who took the name, The Ram King. He was the 2nd King of Atlantis & The Kingdoms Of Gaia. It is part of a history from a fiction that I am working on called Ryoia.

As you mite recall, I published The Vision Of The Dragon King earlier about a vision by one of the series protagonists: The Dragon King, Aizan Uchira (who makes an appearance in this story by the way), so this is our first look at the world where Ryoia is set to take place.

Its a piece of the history of this world so it mite give us a better understanding of the characters involved that make up The Kingdoms Of Gaia & the 12 Houses of Atlantis.

So enjoy the story and let me know what you think?

The wind howled on the shoulders of the mountain, screaming loudly as the jagged edges sliced through it & it fell down the craggy slopes to whirl around the feet of the 3 figures standing on the cape of the island that floated off the  coast of The Kingdom of Morgan.


It was the morning after The Order of The Watchers had convened what was to be their final gathering.
The Order had been the pillar of peace & prosperity, honesty & integrity and of law & order in the peaceful co-existence that had been negotiated between the Atlanteans & the peoples of Gaia.
It had stood for a society where the Gaians & Atlanteans lived as equals. Indeed those in The Order had been held to a code, The Code, as written by The King of Light that enabled the kingdoms to be governed with benevolence & generosity.
It was this order that was, to the shock of all present, disbanded by the end of the evening. This was the 1st decree of the new king, Mayam Rothschister, as he ascended to the throne of Atlantis & The Kingdoms of Gaia.

The previous evening had been the gala evening long heralded to take place on the eve of the 1st full moon of the new revolution.
Nobility from across the land had charted their Sky-Galleons for the 600m high floating black rock to attend what was being touted as “The Event Of The Year”.
Upon arrival, as the guests alighted from their sky ships, they where greeted by the festive melodies of the Atlantean minstrels & colorful decorations before being guided along a lit path that lead them to the courtyard of the gold and white marble palace.

Decadent delicacies draped the tables in the courtyard & the congregated crowd seemed to cavort carelessly & without inhibition as they reveled in the evenings delights.
Plump, red faced merchants in tailored lace & velvet suits guffawed loudly in every corner as they networked for new routes & rates.
Plump breasted, caramel skinned actresses draped in silk & silver laughed on the arm of every young Lord as they regaled them with stories of their linage.
And of course, men of renown from across the land compared their achievements loudly as they vied for the attention & favor of the Ladies of The Court.
But of course it was the elaborately dressed & ornately bejeweled Atlanteans that captured the attention of all as they sparkled like ethereal beings.

It was indeed as glittering an affair as one would expect a coronation to be.
A night of flaunting wealth & power.
A night of such obscene opulence & depravity, to a degree never displayed by the nobility of the kingdoms, that those of The Order who still believed in The Code that had guided them under the now dearly departed De Christreu had to wonder what this boded for the future.
After some time the gathered nobility where directed to The Great Hall to take their seats & they settled down as they awaited the beginning of the coronation ceremony.

Lord Captain Élan De Christreu, seemingly oblivious to his birthright being usurped before his very eyes as the son of the late great King Of Light & rightful Heir To The Kingdoms, was in fact the first to congratulate The Advocate of The People.
In truth, he had chosen to step aside & let a new king be chosen by The Order from the leaders of The 12 Clans.
The reasoning behind this being that he had not wanted to take on a role that would distract him from his work as leader of The Disciples Of The Light.
And though it would not have been seen as a slight to the new king had he chosen to pass the coronation duties to one of the other spiritual leaders, however he may have felt about the situation Elan had opted to do his duty.
In his role as defacto head of the spiritual leaders & as leader of The Church, whose congregation included the man that was climbing the stairs… His Holiness – Lord Captain Élan De Christreu – The Prince Infante had in fact decided to preside over the coronation of the new king!

“To be fair,”

he thought to himself, as he smiled benevolently at the ascending figure, who seemed lost in the sea of acolytes, concubines & soldiers.

“I chose The Church over The Kingdoms. Destiny over duty. And I chose to watch you…”

His gaze drifted only for an instant, seemingly smiling at the noblemen & noblewomen gathered in the throne room of The Palace Of Atlantis to hail the Ascension Ceremony of their new king and looked at the figure standing in the far left corner of the seats on the marble platform.
He could feel the hawk like gaze of Lucifer McFaun watching his every reaction. His ageless face fixed with a malevolent & yet mirthful expression, as he watched his handiwork fall into place…
For only a moment, the whole world seemed to stand still as the two men’s eyes met.

Finally pulling himself away from his sycophants, the soon to be king stood before the golden dais of the throne.
Dramatically, one of his entourage threw themselves at him and landed in a heap on the floor as The Prince darted out his hand and backhanded the presumptive acolyte.
The woman seated in the front left corner of the right hand section of seats on the platform let out a yelp.
Her hand shot up to cover her mouth almost as quickly as The Prince had felled his fanatic.

Attempting to mask her outburst, she dropped her head & her long dark curls cascaded around her, masking her face as she closed her eyes and held her hand over her mouth.
Tears welled up in her eyes & her body heaved and shook as she tried in vain to stifle a laugh.
Her ample bosom, barely concealed in her beautiful diamond studded red dress, seemed to dance as she held her mouth and shook silently.
The nobles looked in her direction in shock and some began to giggle themselves.
Sitting there with her eyes closed, Her Ladyship Elaine De Christreu – The Treasure Of Atlantis, dared not look up.


On the dais, her brother (His Holiness) who was now waiting to crown the king, seemed utterly unfazed by either his sisters outburst or their uncles lack of tact.
The man seated on Elaine’s left hand side, whose arm was resting around her shoulders, looked at his companion & shook his head as a smile crossed his handsome face.
He then looked at the woman laying motionless at the feet of The Prince, who was now being attended by 2 fellow acolytes & then looked at man of the moment, who was staring straight up the diamond stairway as if nothing had happened… and he began to laugh.
Unable to contain her own mirth, Elaine buried her face in the handsome mans muscular chest and burst into uncontrollable laughter.
Soon the entire hall joined them.

Of course, the man seated between King Barbossa Zutanish & the beautiful Treasure Of Atlantis, was none other than the newest member of the court, Lord Captain Aizan Uchira – The Tensho Ryu of The Shinobi of Uchira Village, that is situated on the north eastern border of The Kingdom of Zutania & Ragnarock, the nation of The Privateers.
Aizan of course was soon to be the new Advocate Of The People.

After the giggles & guffaws had subsided and the now conscious young woman had been ushered off to The Kings bedroom, Mayam began to slowly & purposefully ascend the gleaming stairs.
Rising to the top of the dais, he stopped and gazed at the gleaming throne. Turning around as if in a daze or a vision, he took in his surroundings…

The white marble pillars…
The banners of the 11 other families on the walls surrounding the hall…
The red banner of The Ram & The Shield, hanging triumphantly above the throne…
The throne… The Oaken Throne!

The base, hewn from one of the ancient oak trees in The Nameless Forest in The Wild Lands and wrapped in winding vines of oak branches, was strong & steady and stood resolute.
The seat & back rest made of white velvet seamed eternally clean and was fused to the twisting & rising oak that made up its frame seaming as if the branches grew from the throne.
Worked into the oak stump as well as its white velvet seat and the twisting branches where golden threads that wound around & around & over & under, until they bound the wood & velvet into a throne of gleaming brown oak & white velvet with veins and edges of gold, that radiated power & majesty!

The towering figures carved out of diamond on either side of the throne, The Twin Keepers of The Kingdom that represented balance & justice, seemed to glisten like stars besides the dais.
Mayam stared at the throne for a while.
It was as if he had been petrified by the aura of the seat of power.
He seemed lost in his own head and his eyes seemed to stare through the chair… down the path of his destiny.
He stared at it blankly and without a sound, to the point that the gathered nobles began to whisper & wonder among themselves.
But then he straightened his frame. And his expression became serious, almost grave. He then swiveled himself to face the crowded hall… and knelt in front of the throne and his nephew The Prince Infante.

His Holiness then presented him with The Scepter of Destiny and he rose up.
Then, pausing to look at the man who would now control the destiny of the whole world in his unsteady hands… Élan raised the crown & spoke the words:

 “Rise up & see the coming to be, Rise up & see the vision before me.
Rise up & listen and remember the name, of the ascending claimant to The Throne With No Name.

The day of destiny forged in the flames of time, sets a fire to The Throne that shines for all to see.
The chosen one ascends, majestic & bold to stand between The Keepers and claim his destiny.

Defender of Justice, Protector of Peace, Fearless Avenger, Seeker of Truths Unseen.
Sword of Truth, Spear of Destiny, Shield of Heaven, Vision of Light… Keeper of The Undying Flame.

The King now presides. The King resides on the throne! Behold the enemies of justice flee!
The King rules the lands, let it be known. Though art The King. The King of The Kingdoms!

Name thyself, who art thee?!”

 As His Holiness finished the rite, known as The Calling of The King, he yelled the question

“Name thyself, who art thee?!”

and his voice echoed loud & clear throughout the hall as he placed the crown on his uncle’s head before stepping back and retreating one step down the stairs.
He then dropped to one knee and bowed to the figure standing before the throne.
With almost perfect synchronicity, the gathering of people followed suit and bowed in unison. Not a sound was uttered (it was indeed a crime punishable by imprisonment at the very least to interrupt the naming of the king) as they all waited almost with baited breath for the name the new king would chose.

His predecessor, His Holiness – Albus De Christreu had been known as The King Of Light.
As a revolutionary & a clan leader, Albus was as wise as a philosopher king. As a warrior & Infante Of Famous Blood he was a knight of valor and the most prolific warrior priest to have lived & many of the Order had looked to him for direction and would always follow his lead.
It was these qualities that eventually lead to his ascendancy to the throne to become the famous King Of Light. Qualities that Mayam didnt share.

Mayam Rothschister looked at the fools around him as the words echoed in his head.

Name thyself, who art thee?!”

He smiled at his throng of half naked fanatics and nodded at Atum Maat – Lord Captain Ogun-Ra Haile Amun & Imam Bin Imam – Lord Captain Muamir Bin Saudi.
He then looked at the banner fluttering gently above him… The Ram & The Shield… The symbol of his house, House Rothschister.


The words echoed in his head as the crowd stared at him and he stared back… feeling the power of the energy radiating from his golden podium.
He looked up and gazed at The Tapestry of Time painted on the inside of the domed roof of the throne room hall, depicting Albus De Christreu floating above Atlantis on the day he had brought the island through The Demon Gate to appear above the ocean off the coast of South & East Morgan.
He then looked again at his house banner as it fluttered and billowed and the words echoed in his head…

“House Rothschister…”

“Name thyself, who art thee?!”

“House Rothschister…”

“Name thyself, who art thee?!”

“House Rothschister…”

“Name thyself, who art thee?!”

who art thee?!”

who art thee?!”


Mayam then stepped back and sat down on The Oaken Throne and began to speak, his voice echoing across the chamber

“I am the head of the Ram! The leader of House Rothschister! I am The Golden Fleece! I am The Shining King!”

He then paused, eyes closed and stood up arms raised in passion as he seemed to channel powers unseen in search for his name.

“Defender of Justice, Protector of Peace, Fearless Avenger, Seeker of Truths Unseen.
Sword of Truth, Spear of Destiny, Shield of Heaven, Vision of Light… Keeper of The Undying Flame.

It is I that now presides. I am The King On The Throne! Behold my enemies flee!

I rule the lands, let it be known. I am The King. The King of The Kingdoms!
Bow before The Ram King!”

He then sat back down and after the required 12 seconds, Lord Captain Élan De Christreu stood up and the crowed stood up as well. His Holiness then proclaimed to the hall

“Long live The King!”

“Long live The King!” was the crowds’ response. It was literally Mayam’s… crowning achievement.
After all, he had claimed the throne upon the death of the great King Albus De Christreu – The Light and was now, King Mayam Rothschister – The Ram.

With the support of The High Priest – Lord Captain Lucifer McFaun – Bishop Infante, the leader of The Circle of The Illuminated Ones, he had convinced The Order Of The Watchers that the peoples of Gaia would conquer Atlantis if they weren’t subjugated. They had suggested that if he was allowed to rule, the young Prince Élan might be too easily manipulated due to his good nature and could become a puppet to the whims of the Gaian powers.

To strengthen his claim against his sisters son, Mayam then invited the heads of the Haile Amun of The Islands Of Artum & the mysterious Bin Saudi Clan that had come to Atlantis from The Wild Lands, to join the Atlantean court and offered them positions as his Right & Left Hands respectively, should he succeed in his play for the throne.
Though he had faced opposition from a few of the members of The Order loyal to The Prince and his mother, The Queen Sister Maliya De Christreu – The Jewel Of Atlantis, he eventually forced a majority by conceding to King Barbossa Zutanish’s conditions for support, which where to allow the entry of The House of Uchira into the council and to instate the leader of the Manthembu Clan of Thembu Tenge as his Right Hand.

The shrewd and stubborn King of Zutania had suggested his friend, The King of Thembu Tenge, as King Nesin Manthembu though a friendly man of peace was also a decisive man of logic whose could be the voice of reason that Barbossa felt would be needed in a kingdom ruled by Rothschister.
His suggestion to have Aizan Uchira join the court as well was a strategy to garner more support for the interests of Zutania, as well as a personal favour to House Uchira as the Zutanish & Uchira shared a deep bond.
By agreeing to support Mayams claim, Barbossa had gained 3 of the 12 seats on The Council.

It was a heavy price, but those where 3 more seats supporting his claim.
Thus, having then amassed the necessary support, Mayam Rothschister was then declared The Heir To The Kingdoms and preparations had begun for the day of his coronation.
It was thus during this coronation, the previous night, that The Ram King had disbanded The Order Of The Watchers, to the shock & anger of some and created The Councils to serve as advisors to The King going forward.
And now here they stood, on The Cape Of New Hope, on the edge of their floating island, with the sun rising behind them and the waves churning & crashing on the beaches of Morgan below them… staring at the landscape of Morgan.


Élan had been woken up at the crack of dawn by one of his disciples who had informed him of The Ram Kings desire to meet him at the cape.
Upon arrival, he had been wordlessly motioned by the king to take his place at his side & they had stood in silence.
After a while Élan began

“My Lord…”

But the wide eyed king raised his hand and cut His Holiness off. His gaze was fixed intently on the third man standing further on in front of them.
Élan followed his gaze to see the figure standing on the very edge of Atlantis… The High Priest – Lord Captain Lucifer McFaun – Bishop Infante.
Knowing better than to question the king, Élan stood silently for a moment & watched the tall man in the dark robes & leathery skin as he stood, motionless. His eyes fixed on the lands of South & East Morgan before him.
Cheers & jeers could be heard in the cities in the distance below as the Morganites gathered to gaze at the noblemen of Atlantis as they stood on the edge of their floating island with the sun rising behind them.

For Élan, something felt very wrong about their being where they were.

“Why are we standing here and why is Lucifer standing there, on the edge of our world?”

He began to speak again, but as he was about to interject, they were joined by The Prince, The Right Hand, The Left Hand Infante & The Atum Maat.

The King, holding his bejeweled finger to his mouth, waved the 4 into position on either side of them and the 6 men stood & watched as Lucifer stepped forward.
A dark shadow seemed to wrap itself around him as he walked slowly & deliberately towards the edge.
Soon the shadow seemed to be dancing, like black flames and to the peoples of South & East Morgan, it was perhaps an eerie sight to see as the obscured figure stood in the light and radiated darkness.
A little girl in a village on the coast screamed & an uneasy feeling settled across the land… but the people had just watched & waited for what would come next as they stood… caught in the Cerebral Ryo of Lord Captain Lucifer McFaun.

With a voice that seemed to ride on the wind, as it began to rise, The High Priest began to chant…

“The Heavens quake as heaven’s gate falls at the feet of a demon.
The void ripples & the world shakes as the sun rises in xenon!

As the void opens for 1000 souls, the powers of the river flow
Tear it apart, rip it asunder, demon release, Megiddo!!!”

As the word echoed across the expanse,


The wind had began to rise to a howl and the skies had begun to darken.
The ocean on the shores of Morgan beneath & beyond Atlantis had begun churning.
The clouds above the island had begun swirling.
The people begun running as panic & fear raced through the streets & the alleys.
Mothers grabbed their children and began running in search of safety.
Lovers called out each others names in the street as they searched desperately for each other so as to to escape together.
The captains of the Morgan Officiate called their soldiers to arms as they attempted to help the citizens flee and mount a defence against whatever evil the island was planing… but it was all in vein.

With the sound of a screaming banshee echoing across the expanse, arcs of lightning burst from the palms & fingers of the figure covered in the black flames and hurtled towards South & East Morgan.
The arcs of lightning leaping between the clouds & the earth, crawled across the ground and like cracks from an Executors whip, lashed across the ground with the force of solid steel.
Buildings exploded & crumbled & burned & the fated Morganites where crushed, burned & destroyed.
The earth was rent open and the ground swallowed the cities of South Morgan & the landscape of East Morgan disappeared into the fiery abyss that remained.

As the screaming & crackling of the electricity & the whining of the wind died down, Lucifer exhaled & put his hands on his hips.
Gazing below him at the ground, he smiled as he observed the results of his Ryo… The Demon Ryo: Megiddo.
Where there had been once towns, forests & people… there was now nothing but smoking ash & rocks crumbling into a gaping chasm that glowed red with the radiating light of the lava & red rock crystals within.

The 7 men stood there in absolute silence. All they could hear was the crashing of the waves and the creaking & crumbling of the earth as the smoking chasm radiated with the residual ryoia and shook with the aftershocks of the earth shaking event.

“What have you done…” whispered De Christreu tears welling up in his eyes and streaminng down his cheeks as he dropped to his knees.
The Left Hand, Nesin Manthembu could only watch with his mouth open in disbelief as The Megiddo Abyss was born before their very eyes.

Slowly, The High Priest turned his face to look back at his colleagues and smiled as the black fire of his alchemical powers burned around him… but it was The Ram King’s laughter that could be heard echoing across the expanse.



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