The Lion, The Dragon & The Sun

Hi guys. So this is a short story I decided to write on a whim. No plan, no premise, just cooked it up because I saw a cool picture on deviantart. Let me know what you think?

PS: I edited this after reading the 10min version.

A long time ago. In a land far away. When the skies where dark whether it was night or day.
There was a lion from the bushveld who had a strange dream… a dream to see the sun that he had never seen.

The sun was a legend. A shamans myth. It had last been seen before The Great Rift.
Many of the young creatures grew up hearing stories about the marvel of its sight.
They where told that once upon a time it used to rise & set & bathe the lands in light.
But all one needed to do was look up to see that this was but a tale. In the skies above there was nothing but a thick grey veil.

The skies where always dark. Covered in thick grey clouds. Even when they emanated a faint burning glow.
And when a ray shone down from above & illuminated the expanse for a moment, many would cower in fear for this was a sight they didnt know.
But the lion would gaze at the sky & roar to the heavens & a tear would trickle down his face as the light faded away.
And as darkness would return & and the light became a dream, those who had witnessed the light would always remember the day.

On one such day, as he sat & stared across the orange & gray expanse of the world around him, the lion pondered about how his world had become as it was.
He remembered the stories his grandfather had told him about the time before & he pondered and pondered as he watched the dust.
He pondered about the plains & the bucks & the humans & the machines. He pondered as if he was in a waking dream.
Though the lions grandfather had not lived during that time, his grandfather had & had told him many stories about it & in turn he had told his grandson.
So the lion knew that what had happened had destroyed much. But he also knew that it had lead to this life of ransom.  The biggest change he recalled from the stories was the emergence of the dragons.

Dragons had been part of the myths & legends of earth for millennia. But for the longest time, they had been absent from the world.
They had gone deep into the earth & lived away from sight. But when the humans had destroyed the 1st mountain, they had re-emerged.
The wyrms destroyed many more mountains & cities & the end of man was hearkened.
By the time the 2 sides had stopped raining fire upon each other & the world, the smoke had blotted out the sky & all the world was darkened.

The lion had been told that many of the dragons that had survived now lived in the mountains & the oceans.
Those that approached them where burned to a crisp & eaten or left as an omen.
But he had also been told that dragons were wise & magical & that they held the key to undoing the damage that had been done.
So he had resolved to go & find a reasonable dragon as he felt that there needed to be an effort made to clear the sky & return the sun.

And so, when the sky parted & a ray shot through, the lion stood on his hill & roared true. Many gazed in awe as the light surrounded him & for a brief moment it seemed as though he waas made of light too.
In the distance, the sound of thunder rumbled in the mountains & fire & lightening arced across the sky.
And thus the lion went off to find a dragon & the course of history was altered as the lion chose to not sit & watch his world die.




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