Alpha & Omega: The fleeting Dreamscape

As I drift in the sea of my sleeping mind, I dream abstract time after time.

As I feel awake in my subconscious mind, I gaze at the grains of the sands of time.

The images playing in my mind I accept, as they are often merely a residual effect.

Often my mind is void & bereft of dreams as I drift in slumber unkempt.

In my youth I would dream of flights of fancy. The Hardy Boys teaming up with their fellow detective Nancy.

Of Middle Earth & Midkemia & Druss The Legend. I would dream as I read of fantastic fantasy.

But alas I find myself now as one who just sleeps. In minutes I am out, no need for sheep.

I slumber sound & I slumber deep. I often sleep a dreamless sleep.

So this is why I find it a bit odd when I dream you see. Its a bit odd because my dreams have run away from me.

But when I dream it is in riddles & in fleeting scenes. I often feel as if my dreams are an alternate reality.

Faces I don’t remember, places I’ve never been. The occasional re-imagining of a movie scene.

Voices I cant here & words I don’t remember. Sometimes planets & deja vu’s in vivid dreams.

But I awake & before I know it, my dreams are gone. Before I know it there is deadlines & tasks & I must run.

And then I return & collapse & wave goodbye to the sun. And then I sleep dreamlessly & my dreams are gone.

But I know that everything that has a beginning has an end & in the end we want to be winning.

So I keep in mind that there is no spoon & that every ending is a new beginning.


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