2016: A Year In Review

Hope you have been enjoying the holidays & taking stock. 2016 was a hell of a year. Its been noted as “The year we broke civilization”. Its been a year that alot of what we thought we knew to be true was shown to be not as true as we thought. It was a year that the balance of power shifted. It was a year that really left us scratching our heads & or holding our faces in our hands. So let us look back at 2016 as I post my final article for the year.
handcrafted scroll collection
It was really a year of loss & many famous faces passed away. Here’s a list of some of the more famous ones. There where many more.
Rest In Peace:
Angus Scrimm – the Tall Man in “Phantasm”
David Bowie
Harper Lee – author of “To Kill A Mockingbird”
Alan Rickman
– Severus Snape from “Harry Potter”
Johan Cruyff – football legend
Vanity –
girlfriend and muse of Prince
Nyembezi Kunene – South African acting legend
Sir George Martin –
Producer for the “Beatles” albums, known as “The Fifth Beatle”
Chyna – WWE legend
Frank Sinatra Jr

Doris Roberts – Marie Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond”
Muhammad Ali
Gugu Zulu – South African racing legend.
Mandoza –
South African music legend.
Anton Yelchin
– Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek (Joined the 27 Club…)
Papa Wemba
Gene Wilder
– The original Willy Wonka
Fidel Castro
Greg Melvill-Smith – South African acting legend
John Glenn –
1st man to orbit the Earth
Ron Glass
– Shepard Book from “Firefly” & “Serenity”
Joseph Mascolo – Stefano DiMera on “The Days of Our Lives”
Sfiso Ncwane – popular South African gospel singer.
Alan Thicke
– the father on “Growing Pains” & Robin Thikes dad…
George Michael
Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia in “Star Wars” & the very next day…
Debbie Reynolds – Kathy Selden in “Singin’ in the Rain” Carrie Fishers mom.




Many innocents died in the escalating conflict that is gripping our world as the slaughter continues in Aleppo. The total stands at 470000 people between 2011 & 2016… so far & of that, 46442 died in 2016 alone. 15950 children have died to date in the Syrian Conflict as the US tries to draw Russia & Iran into open war… because of oil. Creating, empowerin & backing ISIS/ISIL/DAESH along the way… #Aleppo




Lest we forget, people continually die in the apartheid in Palestine as Israel continues to enact the the cruelest & most unjustified war of the 21st century. Somehow they even ramped that up in 2016. #Palestine




Ofcourse 2016 was the year that the simmering tensions of racism spilled over as black America stood up & said enough is enough following the death of young Trayvon Martin, because he was black. He was 17 years old & had gon to buy a soda. 957 people have been shot & killed by US police in 2016 alone… so far. #BlackLivesMatter




2016 was also the year the EU grumbled, following Britain‘s referendum that resulted in them deciding to exit the EU. Coincidentally… nothing happened & the world is still spinning. #BrExit.



Not to be out done, 2016 was also a tumultuous year in South Africa. It was the year that many people began to band together as a nation against the corrupt government of the former freedom fighting organization made famous by the late great Nelson Mandela, The African National Congress. In almost unprecedented fashion, 2016 saw the liberals of the DA teaming up with the socialists in the EFF (& others) to push back the capitalistic ANC & in the 2016 Local Government Elections, managed to reduce the number of… districts controlled by the ANC. It was also the year that modern day South African hero & now former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, dropped The State Capture Report & paved the way for South Africa to finally start dealing with the problem of Jacob Zuma, leading many in the ANC to stand up against the Zuma controlled government & The Zuma Cartel (consisting of members of the Zuma family, political allies & lead by the notorious & nefarious Gupta family). If you recall, I wrote a piece about it & put the report up so you can read it not too long ago.
It was also a year that our own racial tenons began to boil over, but with the focus firmly on Zuma, that has not become a flashpoint as it has become in the US. #RSAMovement



Now ofcourse, our year in review would not be complete without highlighting the fact that 2016 was the year that America elected Donald Trump (the guy from The Apprentice with the bad toupee & bad tan & the billions…) to be The President Of The United States & by default, the 2nd most powerful man in the world (behind Putin), even though he campaigned as an openly racist, sexist, populist, capitalist, ignorant candidate. It was a real Hollywood production, complete with espionage allegations against Russia (they are really serious about this WWIII thing…) hacking email servers, exposes, lies & the whole world on the edge of our seats. Our world has been forever changed. #Trump




I would be remiss if I didnt highlight that 2016 was also the year that my beloved Manchester United finally began recovering from the post Alex Ferguson Era. #MUFC


booi 5.3


Now, for the blog it was a year of growth & I want to say thank you to all of you for the support & I hope you will stick with me as we continue to ponder the world.

We have gone through a few changes. From us abstractly sharing “Thoughts From Under The Table” to the order of “Thoughts Around A Table Round”, we took a journey of the mind, looking at the world through a looking glass & its been a really cool journey.
I realize that my blogging has been more reactive than free flowing & I intend to share more of my thoughts with you in 2017 & to tackle subjects that are more relative to our world as well as how Im feeling. So in 2017 You will be able to look to “Antonio Quicksilver” for his thoughts on what is happening in the world as we put our best foot forward.
Will be merging the life & love chambers, adding a pure sport section & I think its about time I did the film section justice, so look out for that.
Hope you have a blessed new year troops.
You know where to find me 🙂


Happy Reading & happy new year.



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