Dear South Africa

Dear South Africa
I think its time we had a chat. You dont know me & thats fine, after all, I am you. I am a citizen of The Republic Of South Africa.
Iam not rich or famous. I was not in the struggle or sired by a struggle veteran. I was not involved in apartheid or sired by a Eugene De Cock or Steve Hofmyr type. I am just… me.
The interesting thing is I think that is the make up of most of us, yes? We are mostly just us… South Africans. #RSAPatriots. But the thing we dont seem to realize is that that alone is an achievement of note.
Think of how many countries in #Africa are not like #RSA… Think of how many countries have gone through the crucible we have & have come out like us. None. Not 1. Congo? Rwanda? Zimbabwe? Any takers? Egypt? No? None.
Why though? Why have they not come out okay on the other side? I would hazard a guess & say its because of the revenge cycle. #Racism. People seem to forget that none of our current generation is responsible for any of the crap that came before. Similarly we seem to forget that no-one chose to be dark skinned or light skinned or rich or poor or to be born to the parents they are born to. You just are you.
But in the whole revenge cycle, the sins of the father are meant to be paid by the son. So in Africa we are always self sabotaging ourselves because we seem to always fall into the revenge cycle. We feel that someone has to pay. But we dont realize that the people that have to pay are either dead, old, or an entirely different Nation. I say Nation because the colour of your skin in Earth circa 2016 is no longer a definition of what Nation you are from. Your Nation is your country.
Now lest we forget, we black people are not the 1st or only people to be oppressed. Let that sink in. Sure we have it rough, after all, we where conquered, but we are the victims of the British Empire. What about the victims of the Roman Empire? The Ottoman Empire? Gupta Empire? Spanish? Russian? French? Macedonian? Khazar… Lets be honest, there have always been people oppressing other people & yet the oppressed always find a way to liberate themselves.
But from what I’ve seen, the new empires that have risen have always done so by assimilating the previous empire. Because trying to wipe them out normally leads to endless war! Which has made me realize that the reason RSA is the beacon of Africa & infact, the beacon of hope for the world… is that we are a multi cultural nation. South Africans arent black. We arent white. We arent coloured. Or indian. Or asian. We are actually all of the above. We are South Africans. An assimilated nation. And dont get it twisted, we all have a right to be here. Sure the “boere” (excuse the term) came from the dutch nation. But do you know that us blacks came from upper Africa? If we are honest, the Khoi & the San should run this piece. Same as the Native Americans should run the US, the Aborigines should run AUS & the Palestinians should run their region. But thats not the way the world works.
Again, this is just my opinion, so take it all with a pinch of salt, but from what I have seen in history, there is no such thing as justice for the conquered. Not because their shouldnt be but because of the nature of civilization. It is the responsibility of every nation to strengthen itself & to chose leaders that can keep them safe & repel those that wish to conquer them & if they arent able to… then they are either wiped out or assimilated. Thats how it is.
My whole point here is this… what are we doing? Why are we all falling into this revenge cycle trap? Its greed. We are all stuck on the whole money thing that we could all actually care less about our Nations. So the guys that lead the revolutions become the new oppressors because they “take power” in the name of the people. Maybe its time we stopped looking for someone “of our colour” to take revenge for “us” so we can open our eyes & see the characters of the people we stand behind.
Maybe its time to accept that we are all #SouthAfrican & we are all #Human & to start gravitating towards those who would stand for “Our Nation” like Nelson Mandela did. Like Thabo Mbeki did. Like even Kgalema Motlanthe did.
Now Im sure I’ve opened a can of worms & am about to be schooled about the inequality of life & stuff, but the thing is I am well aware of it. I just dont see how we can hope to accomplish anything by dividing our nation. #Madiba united us, by hook or by crook (as do most Kings) but he did this because he knew that it would take a united nation to build The Republic. If you are born here, you are from here. Even if your folks where born in another land. We need to start realizing that that is the most important thing.
Our country. Our countrymen. That is how the British stay strong. The Americans. The French. The Japanese etc. If we focus on patriotism (as in the love of our Nation, not the perverted US version) then we will build a culture of patriotism & that will breed patriotic leaders & that is how we will banish racism. If we build a patriotic culture, we will never have to fear “Apartheid II: The Return Of The Dom Pass” because it will be physically impossible to regress.
Mind you, it actually already is… as in the lie that the ANC keeps giving us about how only they stand between us & the return of Apartheid is totally unfounded. Our culture is too integrated. We are a couple generations removed from that era. We are in a different part of history. The only thing standing between us & becoming the greatest Nation on earth is actually the people leading us.
So maybe we should start rethinking what it means to be South African & reassessing. Sure there are imbalances, but that is the state of the world. What we forget is that we are the one nation in the world that seems to know how to deal with imbalance. So Im sure it will work itself out once we get proper leadership. But we need to hold together until we can do that. We need to hold together while we do that. We need to hold together after we do that. History will judge us on how we act. Will this be the period noted as “The Fall Of The Republic Of South Africa” or “The Rise Of The Southern African Empire”?
The latter is possible… we could assimilate Lesotho, Swaziland, Zim, Bots, Namibia etc etc. We could build a Nation that would rival the superpowers. But that nation will not come to fruition if we are busy arguing about skin tone.
So please, in 2017, can we stand together? Please? We gotta help get the #FreeEducation thing going. We gotta protect ourselves from the global threats rising. We gotta destroy the State Capture rings. Start with Zuma & work our way up. We wont be able to deal with those who benefited from our blood if we dont have a strong leadership anyway, so we cant start with “Monopoly Capital” (its not just White, thats another lie).
If you want to go vanquish the dragon in the mountain, you need back up. You need brave men & women. You need soldiers & supplies & weapons. Either that or a Hero. But the reality of heroes & the legend are often quite different. So Im going to say, we need to back each other up. Black, Indian, White, Coloured etc. We need to stand as South Africans & take our country back. Then we need to clean house. Then we need to defend our position. If we can do that… then maybe we can build a nation & with a little luck… an empire. The African Empire. We cant let Mandela’s dream, Gaddaffis dream, probably even Haile Selassie’s dream die.
Its not about us. Its not about the poor black man who let himself be deceived & conquered. Its not about poor Africa that just cant get a break. Its about our Nation. Our Nation is South Africa, the most beautiful & diverse in the world. Maybe we are meant to be The Blueprint Of Human Civilization. After all… we are The Cradle Of Mankind.
Earth 2 (2)
Ufck what you heard. Ufck what you where taught. Let us be the bigger man. The better man. The smarter man. The visionary man. Its in our genes (ask Nelson & Elon & Wade & Mark etc etc) Let us embrace our diversity & use it to propel us forward & we can accomplish greatness. But 1st lets get rid of the cANCer in our organs, so we can breathe & think & forge forward together.
We escaped “The Curse Of Africa” for a reason. Our job is to find out what that reason was. Not to fall back into it.
tumblr_mxdfzuCP9b1sngk60o1_500 (2)
Get over yourself #SouthAfrica. I say this with love. Get over yourself, so you can find yourself, so you can become yourself. So you can save the world. Its your destiny. We wont achieve it by quibbling over the pigment of our skin.

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  2. Wow. Make me pick my jaw up from the floor, why don’t yo2u8&#I.17;m glad that things seem to have worked out for the best, though, sweetie and hope that the next test only confirms it. *hugs*


  3. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I
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