Wanting What We Already Have.

We tend to lose ourselves in our own minds.

We get lost thinking about what we want, what we don’t want, whether what we have is what we want and whether what we had was what we wanted.

And thus we suffer as we torture ourselves. Time as we understand it only moves forward. Each second that goes by is gone and every second in front of us is waiting.

But we spend most of our time in the past, letting the seconds that we could use to our benefit become more of the seconds we wonder about… Why? Because of our need to fulfill what we want.

But one has to wonder, do we know what we want? Is what we want what we should have? Or is what we should have what we have?

If we spent our time wanting what we have and accepting what we can get, would we not have what we want? Would we not use every second fulfilling ourselves? Would we not lose ourselves because we are always with ourselves? Would we not have any regrets? Or are we just too sentimental?

All we are is chemicals in a solid state, existing in an environment conducive to our existence. We attract and we repel. We react and we neutralize. We create and we destroy.

So are we then not missing the point? What we are is what we are. What we have is what we have. Beyond that, we can only try to be a catalyst for what we want because we can’t account for all the elements in a possible reaction that has never happened.

And try as we might, we can’t change a reaction that has already happened. When we try, we only destabilize ourselves and throw away the seconds meant for creating what we want.



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