Theseus’s Tale of Minotaurs & Betrayal.

We tend to conquer ourselves with our mistakes, falling into traps concealed by beauty & deception. Enslaving ourselves to islands of despair & doubt, paying tribute to memories that dominate & rule over us.

As if chosen by a lot, we face these sufferings of our own making, lost in the labyrinth of life. Scrambling for the lost strings to the long forgotten daylight, as we are faced with the Minotaur’s that haunt us. Every step leading us closer to our fears & every second reminding us of the jagged rocks of failure, waiting to claim what we love.

Perilous & impossible the task, yet imperative & unavoidable the duty. So we face our dark, horned tormentor. We are willing to die by her hands while we search for a way to defeat her. We fight for understanding till hopeless & fallen, she looms over us & her horns pierce us & maim us.

It is only in the dark, bloody recesses of our doubt that we can find our princely courage, remain true & allow our demons to show their weakness.

It is only when we have no choice that we will slay our dark fears & defeat the source of our self-enslavement.

It is only by rejecting dominion & conquering everything that opposes us, that we can raise the white sails of freedom.

It is only by enduring trails of courage, remaining true to our beliefs in the face of destruction, betrayal & despair and standing unflinchingly to accept defeat & then rising unexpectedly to rein vengeance… can we claim the kingdom of our hearts.


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