Once Upon A Time In Africa

Have you ever seen 1 piece of land fought over so hard, that a father will turn on his son & call him bastard?
That children get turned into villains & soldiers until a continent is backwards, stuck in the ways of the elders?

Listen, once upon a time there lived Africa, a peaceful, bountiful land so magical. Man & beast, sky & tree living in harmony in the land called Eden, the birth place of humanity.
It was here that our people evolved. It is here where we hold our resolve. It was here that nature laid her blessings, no wastelands, earthquakes or natural tragedies.

Once upon a time in Mother Africa, sailors descended from kingdoms afar. A trusting people where laid to waste man, once upon, once upon a time in Africa.
Became slaves & workers on farms. Used for labor & servitude & fun. Until eventually, no more slavery then suddenly the scatterlings where left to their tragedy.

But down south in the cradle of humanity. The dutch landed & created a new dynasty. So when The Empire came to rape & pillage, it was not just the villages & pelts but laagers & khakis. The untied tribes of South Africa repelled Great Britain & kept us free.
Until we turned into wolves & lions, the curse of Africa, we fell into anarchy. But there is thing about destiny… Perched on the edge of the endless abyss we found our way back to our humanity.

So here we stand like a beacon of hope, a vision of the future.
If Africa was Christianity & Egypt was The Pope… the miracle of South Africa is like the coming of The Saviour.

We are the apostles in the land of the Jews. A free African nation. We can have Black man with a White wife, parents of Coloured kids, with a cousin who is Asian.
And his girlfriend could be a Hatian & her folks could be Croatian.

It doesn’t matter what tribe, creed or tone you are coz here we go once upon a time in South Africa.
Coz here we fought & died for equality. Meanwhile the rest of Africa squabbles over money…

Let us not fall into darkness, let us continue to be the light. Let us not go silently into the night. A luta continua, vitoria e certa!


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