In The Words Of Mario Puzzo

Many young men started down a false path to their true destiny… time & fortune set them aright.

They learned that a man with a briefcase can steal more money than a man with a gun & that there is no greater advantage in life than having ones enemies overestimate their faults, unless it is having ones friends underestimate their virtues.

Society imposes insults that must be borne, but there comes a time when even the humblest of men, if he keeps his eyes open, can take revenge on even the most powerful of men… or make him an offer he can’t refuse.

That is why accidents don’t happen to people that take accidents as a personal insult because everything is personal. Don’t be confused, every piece of shit that a man has to eat every day of their life is personal… they call it business.

And perhaps the greatest lesson they learned, after learning that life is about victory & defeat and how to use to their advantage the art of war, is that behind every great fortune… is a crime.

The Italians have a joke that says this life is so treacherous that a man needs 2 fathers to survive, let alone succeed… that is why they have Godfathers.


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