Are You Free Or Dom?

We are all free. Free to think. Free to live. Free to become whatever we want… right?

But what would happen if you couldn’t access your bank account or your bank?

What if your ID number was erased from record and your ID book was gone?

What if the power stations went down and all the transformers blew?

You would find your freedom to be no more.

These ideas to help the people have become proverbial shackles to keep society in check. Our perspective is distorted, our independent thought a taboo. We are technological addicts leaning on an electrical crutch. Our weakness as plain to see as the pyramid on the American dollar. We claim to be the top of the food chain, yet we still can’t figure out how we got there. We claim to be logical beings yet we over complicate the meanings of the answers we seek. We even outsource our thinking and the responsibility of keeping us fed.

The funny thing is that people don’t wonder what became of the nobles and the upper-class that looked down upon average people and used whip and chains to make us build society. Somehow we all suddenly became equal. Or did we? As one inspects the timeline of humanity and you analyse the builders of our society as it would appear that the former masters of men never did relinquish their power… With the invention of tax they found a way to have us work for them and ensure their wealth as such the need to lord over us was eliminated, we voluntarily slave on their behalf.

And while we slave to pay for our rights and our gifts the gears of the world are tended to by people we don’t know who tell us that they know what they are doing and tell us what to do. At what point do we wake up and realize that we are not free?

We have to abide by the laws of the design or we become outcasts. If we are cast outside the boundaries of the law our rights are forfeit and with it our freedom. If we complain… we become outcasts…

So is it better to cower or be cast out? Are you free or are you dom?


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