Casting: MacGyver


“There is nothing new under the sun.”

Everything “new” has already been done, hence there is nothing new under the sun.
This sentiment can translate most definitely to our current film & TV menu. We have varied retakes, re-imaginings & remakes of movies & series.
There is really nothing new under the sun.

It is almost as if a machine got broken & all the ideas that flowed out of Hollywood like a pyroclastic flow seem to have started dwindling.
Dwindling & dying & so it is to the tried & tested we are being herded. This is not as such a bad thing… is it?

The re-imaginings of films that where ahead of their time & series/mini-series that took us on adventures might not be a bad idea…
Accept for the part where all the new stories & ideas get sent to the fringes, Exclusive Books & the little black books. Viva free thought, viva.

Hence in the vein of the everlasting legacy of literary legends & folk heroes, television characters tend to stay with you.
Often shape your life & and your thought. Think about it… if you want to learn something, you have a class every week right?
So it is that as we watch our favorite shows every week, we learn traits from our favorite character/s & the very ideas of the authors & script writers that lecture to us every week. And no one schooled us more than MacGyver as he took on his suicide missions & played cat & mouse with his nemesis, Murdock.


Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson was perhaps the most brilliant man in the entire espionage & counter-terrorism world (an argument can be made for on the planet…)
And the interesting thing about ol’ Angus, besides having a job with no defined work hours, was that he seemed to be the equivalent of a modern day tech genius like Elon Musk but with a lot of say Bear Grylls in him.
Trained in martial arts and blessed with incredible powers of deduction & just… tech geniusness, MacGyver would put pretty much all his rivals to shame.
While escaping out the chimney. With a balloon, a soda gas can, a toaster & his trusty Swiss army knife. In comparison to the MI-6s, IMFs & all the other saintly or knightly organizations agents, MacGyver had the knack of getting out of the most impossible situations in the most improbable fashions & he did it with the swashbuckling swagger of Indiana Jones, the charm of James Bond & the brain of Tony Stark (probably more like Batman).

MacGyver was the real deal. If you where to see someone utilize an object to accomplish an objective in a fashion you had never imagined was possible… you would probably refer to them as a bit of a MacGyver. Right? That is in reference to Richard Dean Anderson’s character… the legacy of the legendary MacGyver (Richard went on to save the world countless times & kick all sorts of Egyptian alien hiney in Stargate SG-1 et al).


So it is perhaps no surprise that talk of a MacGyver reboot is in the air. In our world that is currently on the verge of the next techno boom & filled with viewers that Google & fiddle & take MMA classes etc… the standard for the modern day “hero” is pretty high. With the likes of Daniel Craig’s 007, Robert Downey Jnr’s Ironman & Sherlock Holmes, Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, Denzel’s The Equalizer, Alias, 24, The Mentalist, Chuck etc etc etc… running around, the bar for MacGyver to still be relevant would be pretty high I would imagine.

And thus we have the dilemma of MacGyver.

It would need a production team well versed in building an intricate worlds & networks of layers into their stories but also & more importantly it would need the right actor to bring Angus MacGyver to life.

Now on the production side, JJ Abrams would do wonders for a MacGyver reboot. Between Almost Human, Alias, Fringe, Person Of Interest, Star Trek, Star Wars etc, he has shown that smart, tech savvy, well trained, trapped in a web, layered in lies, engulfed in special effects… is his racket.


Of course being the busiest man on earth he probably wouldn’t put this on his plate. But there are a few others who could helm it: Bruno Heller, Seth Green or Joss Whedon, would be great candidates for the job. A Christopher Nolan‘s MacGyver would be a pipe dream of course. Remember we are talking series for now. With a little luck David Benioff & D.B.Weiss might want to try something different after Game Of Thrones.


A MacGyver film would have better odds on the bigger names.

But though the producers & directors could make or break the success of bringing MacGyver to circa 2016, it is the actor, storyline & co-stars that will determine if the MacGyver of today is similar, worse or better than the MacGyver of yesteryear.

2 candidates come to mind…

1.) Chiwetel Ejiofor


Long have I respected this mans work. An actor of flawless acting ability & an action man for sure displaying his prowess in Redbelt & Serenity amongst other varied roles including Solomon Nurthup in 12 Years A Slave, Chiwetel is a little bit above the series weight level.

Okay, alot above the series weight level.
But as many actors & film companies are coming to see, with the rise of the Netflix & co revolution, one can not simply make movies & see serials as below you.

Some of the most watched shows are about iconic characters. So having landed the supporting role in Doctor Strange alongside his buddy Benedict Cumberbatch,


it will be a good opportunity for the world to watch him at full tilt. With Benedict having the acclaimed Sherlock, perhaps the idea of taking on the role of a swashbuckling genius, playboy, philanthropist, journalist, secret agent, cowboy might appeal to Mr Ejiofor.


2.) Scott Eastwood


Now Scott has a mountain to climb. He is the son of living legend, Clint Eastwood. And not only is he Dirty Harry’s son, he is an impressive young gentleman who is trying to do it his own way.

But the shadow of Clint Eastwood is as tall as the sun at high noon & pretty soon Scott will have to draw.
He has made a few turns here & there (like in the tank with Shia La Beouf & Brad Pitt) but nothing to make ol’ Clint raise his hat & stare with that one eyed gaze.


So taking on the legend of MacGyver could be the defining moment in Scott’s young career. His acting chops might be an unknown, but if there is one kid who is the Roman Reigns of Hollywood, it is Scott Eastwood.

Being athletic & if he is anything like his dad, an action man, with the edge of being a Millennial (almost), he could pull off a pretty spectacular MacGyver that could possibly become the most watched show in the world, if directed correctly.

Scott will be making a turn in both Suicide Squad & Fast & Furious 8 on his next outings so we will see where that takes him.


Of course this is all conjecture & Hollywood is a fickle mistress, so we will have to wait & see. But one thing for sure, Richard Dean Anderson should definitely executive produce any version they come up with if they want it to have that MacGyverness to it.


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