The Vision of The Dragon King…

This is a poem I made that will be appearing in a book I’m writing called Ryoia (Ryoia is like spiritual energy or chi, chakra, reishi etc).
The book is still being penned. But I just wanted to share this as I’m pretty proud of it.
Remember that it is a fictional poem from a fictional book…
That being said, enjoy.


“A sword flames above an old tree & a lion roams across the land.
The Sun reigns over the stars in the night & there is blood on a bearded hand.
A dagger pierces a charging maiden as The Sun sets & a shadow falls.
The winged shadow, in the burning meadow, lies limp in the shadow of a wall.

In the depths of the darkness, hidden from sight, The Secret Of Life is unconcealed.
And the Tower will fall & the thunder will call & The Hidden Gate will be revealed.
In the mist of the forest, The Sleeping Watchers walk, for their vow will be awakened.
And hope will crumble in the hand of a beast & all will be forsaken.

The Storm raises the flames to the heavens & the heavens are aflame with colour.
As famous blood feeds the roots of the tree, the hearts of men will burn with valour.
The noble blade sprouts in the dust of rebellion, fierce justice rises in flood.
As the hand Of judgment severs the chains, the stairs become covered in blood.

When the winged shadow of famous blood can make the fallen rejoice.
The day of memory shall be chosen by voice & the halls of eternity shall echo the choice.
When The 4 Points Of The Cross are held by 2 eyes & The 3 Points Of The Triangle enslave all.
The Winged warrior shall ascend into The Light & The Shield will fall from the wall.”

– Aizan Uchira, The Dragon King

This poem was written by the scribe of Aizan Uchira, The Dragon King, who was killed by the reigning King Alexandre Saxgoth.
It is a vision or a dream that Aizan had before he died or something in between.
But it is this vision that will be driving our story, as Aizan is the father of our protagonist: Lord Jolan Uchira, The Prince Of Famous Blood.

Hopefully you liked my lil fiction & hope it all makes sense when you read the upcoming works.

Happy Reading

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