Dyson Spheres

So… a Dyson Sphere is what you build to harness a stars energy. To capture your sun. It is a super massive structure that was the inspiration behind The Death Star in Star Wars & has been used by many authors in the sci-fi genre.

dyson 0.1

SETI is currently looking for the infra-red signature of a civilization advanced enough to have caged their sun as part of their parameters in the search for extra terrestrial intelligence… But something tells me that a civilization advanced enough to do this should be left alone.

Space 3

We couldn’t even build a house on the moon & they can build a structure around their sun… Which is 10 times bigger than the earth (or 100 times, I forget). Ignorance really must be bliss. Because the more knowledge one gains the more concerned one becomes about our path as a species & our place in the verse.

dyson 0.2.PNG

But with space having been opened up to the private sector (SpaceX, Boeing, Virgin et al) there is a high possibility that corporate competition will lead to advances in space travel & adaptability at an alarmingly fast rate. I am of course behind Elon Musks SpaceX, but with all the renewed activity in space & the budding projects to colonize mars being a part of our everyday reality, I think it is time we start thinking about “race” differently.

Earth 2 (2)

We should be wary how much info we send out in the search for life. The universe (or universes) is larger than we can see from our perspective. So, since we don’t know what… nightmares are lurking in the vastness of space, let us start realizing that we are doing ourselves no favours by hamstringing ourselves with all these wars & petty differences. In fact, what we are doing is holding our advancement back by limiting the potential of our actual race (the human race)


If a civilization advanced enough to build dyson spheres is out there and they receive our naïve messages searching for life (by sending info about ourselves and our location) & they where to choose to open up a wormhole or engage their warp drives or teleport & where to appear here… I suspect it would be our sun or water they would be after & we would not be met by benevolence but perhaps malicious indifference or greedy arrogance.

dyson 0.3.PNG

Anyhow. I’m still quite amazed by the concept of harnessing a star… Doubt we’ll see that in our life time, but if we do… Then understand we are on a highway to the danger zone. Interesting times we live in.



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