Revolt: A Call To Action

There are a few leaders in our country that could stand for truth, justice, honour & more importantly for the people. A few that understand the role of civil servant is a role where one stands up as a citizen to contribute to the betterment of our country. But they are normally framed, killed, intimidated or ultimately bought off.

We live in a Mafia State people. Don’t you understand that the race thing is used to divide us? The poor are kept poor & illiterate to secure their loyalty in what they are brainwashed into believing is a group of saviors. The role that everyone else besides the ANC played in freeing SA is downplayed or hidden or even discounted because the ANC is standing on Madibas PR during his trial to act like only the ANC freed SA. Wake up! We need to start spray painting the walls. Marching to parliament & Nkandla. Boycotting taxes. The mafia is getting stronger & its true head is stepping out now to take his throne. Are we that ignorant? Use your deductive abilities & look at what is clear. Its not Blacks vs Whites, its The ANC Mafia vs The Republic Of South Africa! We NEED to rise up. Look at the youth of Egypt… they decided to stand up. If you are scared to die for what you believe in then you will live in fear of what you are against. What we achieved as post apartheid SA was almost miraculous. The haters & racists will just blame blacks or apartheid or Julius or Hellen… But the truth is more sinister. We must act.

The problem is that we are scared to lose our “freedoms”. We have been dumbed down with luxuries & music video’s. Holidays in Knysna & BMWs. We hear so much “News” that we dismiss what we hear. Its strategic by government. The biggest strategy is to play out the racial divide & keep a large percentage of the populace poor. The racial divide makes people unwilling to stand together to & think together as citizens (because we are all actually, just South Africans) because if we stopped bickering… we would realize that there are more citizens than Mafia Elites. We would defend our constitution & our country as its people. The poverty line (governed by tribal chiefs in rural areas) keeps a large number of people in the dark about the actions of government & keeps them illiterate.

Haven’t you noticed how all the “News” papers flight the same stories? That is impossible. If they are different agencies with different journalists, we cant be viewing the same stories. But the news really is tailored. I could go on because this is a world wide problem. But the only way we can fend off the powers that even Trevor Manuel has aligned with that want to own our utilities & resources is to instate a government that is made up of our best & brightest. BEE & Apartheid aside, there are enough South Africans of many shades & persuasions that are educated or savvy enough to form a representative administrative unit to run #RSA like a business.

The president as an institution has no rights other than his personal human rights. He has a mandate to act on our behalf so we grant him powers under the constitution. And then we add oversight committees to keep him in check. But this president…  that cronied his way into becoming No.1… decided that those committees are just for show. He put his cronies in positions to provide cover & covering fire. We are actually flanked in by our own government. Like Egypt… Like the US… Like Israel… Like Rome… Like The Nazis… Like the pre 1994 Government. Why do you think all those big empires fell? When the government that is meant to serve you becomes an oppressor, you rise up & remove it. Technically they work for us. The time is now to vote on “#RSA?”.

We can create a list of what we expect going forward as a country, with heavy public accountability & discipline matrices & vote for the party that can deliver under our conditions.
Because creating a climate of reverse racism & the conscious oppression of your own race (even though our race is actually humanity…) is worse than discrimination based on ignorance & fear. Politics is a deception. No one wants to or would be able to revive apartheid. ANC cannot rule till Jesus comes. Lets give someone else a go.

You know… Sometimes I fear for the future of our country because we all behave like a bunch of brainless morons. We forget or aren’t aware that skin colour is just an evolutionary adaptation based on climate & weather (hence “white” people “tan”) & racism is a misnomer because our “race” is actually Human. The ANC plays on this ignorance. They act like demigods & parade their plunder, the demagogues… Pandering to the tribalism they perpetuate with propaganda & social engineering.
ANC makes people fear the thought of them being out of power (where is Vince McMahon when you need him…) & Jacob even said that if the ANC goes down, so will SA. Now if that’s not some un-presidential fear-mongering, then I don’t know what is. Keep spinning the web.

We are flanked in by a government that puts in strategic people to block us from legally challenging the corruption & our thoughtless opposition to each others ideas & theories is why it is so easy for them to keep the gravy train flowing. Because we would rather nit pick than read or hear what our fellow countrymen are saying. Its time to look in the mirror & ask ourselves whether we should do something about what is going on… If we can use the constitution to challenge them… If the opposition parties are being stonewalled & intimidated before our very eyes…
We should ask ourselves what to do about what is going on.
Think “The Liberation Movement” (ft The ANC) vs Apartheid, think Briton vs Rome, think of The French Revolution, think of the youth of Egypt…

Now the idea of an armed revolt is not appealing & should in fact be avoided at all costs (looking at you EFF…) But lets remember that Madiba accomplished more as a human than we can ever attempt in our dreams, but even he realized when it was time to rise up. Some have even called him a terrorist & said that his legacy was a sham, but lets also remember that his “terrorist” actions where as a result of taking up arms because he was left with no choice. No oppressor will willingly relinquish their power without a fight. Thus Madiba fought a guerrilla war as opposed to open warfare to actually force change, but spare lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling anyone to arms. But I am calling for us #RSAPatriots to rally. We need to rally before we are hunted, put under curfew, denied education, treated like scum & even lower than the house dog, told we cant sit in the same bus or train because of the pigment of our skin or colour of our shirts, denied the rights other people have… given no avenue to even vote against said oppression… before those who dare speak out are judged in the same breath as ISIS or Al Queeda. As law. Its happened before… on this very same soil.
Can you show me a war in history that had no casualties? Where there was gun fighting or battle & people didn’t die? No.
Which is why we need to act, before we are backed into a corner. Sent to fight other peoples wars.

Unless they see that they cant defraud us & then lie to us & then pacify us with… well… by ignoring us & giving us Generations & the Springboks & Nicky Minaj & bills & bills & bills…
Unless they can see that once our ire is up they cant promise us that alleged commissions of inquiry will be opened to investigate corruption without doing it because it will lead to votes of no confidence & to the said party suffering at the polls when they lie to us.
Unless we actively get involved and vote for change, all interventions under the ANC government will be chaired by crony of some kind… Then I fear that either we are watching the rise of King Zuma or the fall of our republic.

But ANC still has a good shot at wooing #RSA back. A guy whom many, including myself, believe could change the ANC because he has a very different understanding of the world & style of leadership than JZizzle.
All the parties have to do is step up to the table. All parties. So even you. If you want to lead South Africa to the future with security & economic sustainability & enhanced services & actual service (like, customer service) & productive systems & efficient people & the right credentials to do the job & have an action plan & can prove you are competent… then show us & let us quell our disgruntled grumblings that are causing us to clash by voting for a government we believe will be our backbone & stronghold so that we may tack control of our resources so that we can build our nation.
Isn’t that what  they spoke about around the quarries on Robben Island when they where discussing their on going struggle? Nation building. Of course, we don’t know. We weren’t there. So they keep stonewalling us. Because we weren’t there.

I know its tough right now but we have to believe that there are still honorable people out here. We have to see that the leaders that I speak of, don’t have to only be ANC members. They are everywhere. I think the nature of South Africans is innately good (I hope) so, considering I am a man of honour (or so Id like to believe & try to be) I believe there are & know & have met & admire others like me. We are black, white, coloured, indian, asian, foreign etc. Look beyond propaganda & think for yourself & you’ll see what I see.

Ask yourself, where in the world would people stand for it when the president is impeached & then the government says “we will protect him with our buttocks” (basically… “F you citizens, f you”)? Nowhere that is “free”!
Do we not think that the fact that the EFF, DA, FF Plus, UDM, COPE, Agang et al… rivals with opposing ideals… the fact that they are all standing together & yet still being dismissed, intimidated & possibly being marked for a more sinister fate… is a huge huge alarm that maybe we should actually defend our country as a people?
The government is actually an employee of the citizens.
No way in hell can I steal money from my job & then have my cronies at work stand up for me & that would mean anything. I suspect the same can be said for the rest of you.

Their title is Public Servant. Its not a shameful thing, it is meant to be an honour. A duty. You should be a patriot to serve in government. I must point out that The US perverted the word “patriot” to make it seem like you should be a maniacal flag waiving jarhead to fight for your country. False. We need to reboot our government system. A president of CEO caliber. Department heads of CEO caliber. Managers that are trained to manage. Customer centrique service approach. Our utilities & resources & public services should be administrated & not held or controlled. Words are important. Ever notice how our government doesn’t call itself the governing party… They call themselves “The Ruling Party”. From the start. Anyhow, serving the people as a public officer should be a duty. An honour. It should be an office of dignity & civil service with set salaries. Public officers, teachers, nurses & cops etc at a set salary of say R35000. No need for corruption. IT systems & MIS reports to account for everything. Audits & disciplinary matrices to keep everyone honest. How hard is that. Its not hard. Its just that in a Mafia organization… you cant have a paper trail. So money moves, nobody knows nothing & being in public office becomes a badge of belonging. Not to the country but to The Club.

This is the club of Zuma Sheik Gupta & Co. Jacob is even pushing through a nuclear deal that in debts us to The Kremlin forever & gives the control of our power supply to a foreign country. Pushing through deals that give China control of our ports & trade. He long sold our financial interests to The Bank Of England (notice how I didn’t say England…) & while he is committing this… treason… he also decides to steal our money, ignore the laws granting him power ON OUR BEHALF & AT OUR DISCRETION & with his horrendously inadequate leadership skills, he has created a state run by a Mafia organization. And now because it is almost elections he is going to act all innocent & call for the buttocks to rally around him & tell us about how they plan to make things better. Really… Really? Really?! Because we are stupid, right Jacob? Well guess what. We are not stupid. As much as you try to keep at least 60% of us uneducated or have our education be inadequate or get disrupted (no textbooks, no teacher salaries) You mite have the denialists & the comrades & the racists fooled… but we know what you are doing Jacob. So excuse me if I don’t listen to you, or anything you say. Excuse me if I as a patriot see you as the biggest threat to the future of the country that I love instead. But go ahead. Keep spinning the web.

The sad reality though is people want money. Opportunity, wealth. And many see tenderpreneurship as the path to wealth. But the government even screws them over & they keep quiet out of fear that they will be blacklisted from tenders. People forget that JZ was & maybe still is Head Of Intelligence for MK. So, these outlandish statements, denials, lies, misdirection’s & actions are not the antics of idiots, but the calculated tactics of a mafia don or a made man. You will be paid if & when they want to pay you. That is probably if & when you prove your ability to use your buttocks in defence of soon to crown himself King, JZ. This is why many people who are smart enough to see what is going on, still support #Zuma, because they chose to benefit from the corrupt system he has set up.
Pity Jigga doesn’t realize Cyril has come to claim the throne he feels was meant to be his after Madiba. Or maybe he does & Cyril allowed him to build Nkandla & JZ is about to claim Kingship Over The Zulus… Anyhow, what more proof do we need to show that its not just JZ but The ANC that is corrupt. It was infected & ravaged by ambitious, greedy, corrupt & uneducated “comrades” & is now festering with the sickening pus of corruption. Companies must sue them & expose the Judge that will throw the case out if they refuse to pay them timeously for work done. They wont realize we have the power to end them until we start spray painting “Down With ANC” on the walls & boycotting taxes & marching to parliament & protesting outside their mansions. The revolution wont happen until we revolt…

As you can see I’m very, very, very fed up & antsy & angry about the blatant disrespect, undermining of our intelligence & shameful plundering that is happening before our very eyes. Our “peaceful existence” is not so peaceful anymore. And I’ll be damned before I let may unborn kids wake up as vassals of The Kremlin or China or more realistically, the UN. Its imperative that we get off our behinds because its bigger than Zuma. Bigger than the ANC. They need to be removed because we need a government to protect us from the global threat of invented terrorism. You think Trevors appointment was a coincidence? You think Cyril came back into politics for fun? No… The only one that can save us is… us. So go ahead Jacob, keep spinning the web. We are the magma under the mountain, we are the sunlight behind the clouds, we are the citizens of the Republic & we will not back down. Winter is coming…


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