Ah Love

You know… we have so many perceptions of what love is meant to be in our world. We have fairy tales & movies, soapies & novels that paint a picture of a selfless, enduring, pure, magical feeling that is meant to conquer all things & make the world a better place.

But that is not what it ends up being in real life. We are flawed. We are insecure. We either think too much, or too little, or even worse… some of us don’t even think at all. We walk blindly into the pit of vipers that is the dark abyss of emotion & chase after a light in the distance. We run after the concept of love.

It is probably because we all just need someone to look up to us. We all want to feel like we matter. We all want to belong in the arms of another & feel that we are not alone in the world. So we look for that dream, that vision of “Happily Ever After”… the fairy tale ending. And time & again we are shown that it is in blood that declarations of the heart are written.

We bleed for the hope that there is someone in the world who understands our complexity. We weep for the affections of absent minded angels. We expect & prepare & assume & despair… we learn too late that life isn’t fair.

And so it is left to us to define for ourselves the meaning of the love that we hope to find in our lives. We hope above hope for the hands of our husbands & wives. On the words of another we base the meaning of our lives. At the mercy of a lover we kneel with blinded eyes.

We have so many perceptions of what love is meant to be in our world… that men have died for it & women have been deceived by it. Civilizations have fallen because of it. And yet we still crave it. Until it carves us. We need it until it kneels us. We dream of it until it steals our sleep. We love Love… until it makes us weep.

And yet we sacrifice our hearts at its alter. We will drown in our own blood for the affections of the heartless.

It is because we have so many perceptions of what love is meant to be in our world, that we don’t know what it is when we have it. And time ticks away on the choices we make & in the end our quest becomes tragic. Ah Love


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