A History Lesson: The 3 Layers Of Politics

There are 3 layers of politics.

The 1st layer is tribal politics.

Fees Must Fall

Our tolerance & adaptation test. Where we come to an understanding & acceptance of the nature of the world we live in.
Where we learn to adapt & negotiate & we gain knowledge & we expand our world.

We get too entangled in the 1st layer. The layer of bureaucracy where we are sold on our candidates.
Where we are promised & won because we believe in the look & sound of our candidates.
Where we are meant to have leadership that changes society for the better & administrates our society to be a free & fair & just civilization.

Alpha 3 - Choose

The layer where we forget that we are meant to choose leadership based on their ability to lead, not command.
Where we forget that the structure of a civilization is Law – People – Government & not Government – Law – People & accept poor administration from people who are meant to be serving a society that is meant to be based on the promises they made us.

The 2nd Layer is diplomatic politics.

brics 4

It is the layer where our government represents us & our relationship with the world.
Where decisions are made about the food we eat & the things we buy & our safety & stance on issues affecting the world we live in.

Where we forget that our stance as a nation is meant to be decided based on what is best for our nation.
Where our sovereignty is meant to be protected by leaders capable of understanding what goes on on the 3rd layer of politics & be able to align us in a position to be able to both contribute & benefit from nations we choose to deal with.

brics 3

Where we are at risk of foreign interests controlling our stance & position in the world if our government is not in their position to serve our society.
Where we are watched by the world & the strength of our nation is judged & tested because there is a 3rd layer of politics.
We as society are too stuck in the web of the 1st level to have enough people aware of this level.

The 3rd layer is global politics.


It is in all honesty, the human politics level. It is the level where wars are waged & nations are forged & lost & won.
Its is the level where the stock markets exist & the value of your money is decided.
It is the level where the fate of our world is steered & the level where our strength as a nation is tested.
It is the level where we stand for war or stand for peace.
Where we compete when playing national sports.
Where we are either a sovereign kingdom or a vassal nation or destroyed as a nation… enslaved. Colonized or bombed in a rain of fire.

un sec council 2
The level where our apartheid South Africa existed & apartheid Palestine exists & the jewish holocaust existed & the Rwandan holocaust is forgotten.
Where the 3rd Reich was almost instated.
Where we almost lived in a post Napoleonic civilization instead of the post Victorian civilization we live in.
Its this level where what it means to be ‪#‎SouthAfrican‬ is most relevant & most necessary.
It is the level that affects our nations ability to survive.

It is the level for which we are actually meant to choose our leadership for…

However this is the level we are most unaware of.


So, when you register to vote & when you decide on who you want to stand on behalf of ‪#‎SouthAfrica‬… remember…

There are 3 layers of politics.

The 1st level is tribal politics…



Education is a key component in our ability to be human.
The less knowledge we have access to, the less possibilities we can access.
The less we know about a situation or a place or the operation of a tool or vehicle or law, the more vulnerable we are to the misuse of the application of things against our favour.

This is why education is in fact the right of all people.

Our human evolution has been based around our application of knowledge.
Our ingenuity & our adaptability based on the circumstances around us.
This is why national sports are part of the 3rd tier of politics.

But it is also our responsibility to be able to educate ourselves to the best of our ability & to be able to make choices based on what we believe in and whether those we believe in stand for what we believe in… & to believe in them based on that.

What we need are ‪#‎RSAPatriots‬ that, like the CEOs of any successful large organization listed on the JSE & NYSE have the capability to seamlessly handle each service they offer as that of utmost importance.
Hire the most qualified, most able, most capable ‪#‎SouthAfricans‬ & focus on providing for their nation. Advancing their nation.
Insure that we are all confident that they are invested in us.
Protect & grow our assets & resources & deliver results or expect to be fired by The Board Of Directors (that would be us, guys…)


That is why having an educated public should be our No.1 priority.
The priority of all #SouthAfricans.
With the knowledge gained from advancing the education levels of every member of their nation, the government can employ the best minds to represent the ambitions & goals & strength of #SouthAfrica.
Our brain trust can be the ones managing the services delivered to us.
We could live in a better world.

Our duty as #RSAPatriots is to our nation. And we are our nation.
Our duty is to be aware of our stance as a nation.
Our duty is to be responsible for our nation & its freedoms & its direction.
Our responsibility is to participate in the steering of our nation.

So, when you register to vote & when you decide on who you want to stand on behalf of #SouthAfrica… remember…

you can help decide the fate of our nation.

‪#‎StandWithUs‬ – AQ



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