The Nkandlanian Candidate: A Nation Betrayed

The promise of a free & fair society has been the calling card of The African National Congress for a long time.

In the beginning it was the cause they fought for. It was what they seemed to stand for. Indeed, it is what brought them to the forefront of The Revolution against apartheid.

The leaders that lead this party seemed to be men of vision & intellect who stood by their word & stood for their people. This lead to them being elected to lead #RSA & though we had issues, we had the sense that our nation had been rescued from the grip of tyranny.

But as we watched in awe, one fateful day in Polokwane showed us that the ANC herself was not in our control. That even though the promise of a free & just society was her mantra, the ANC was not immune to falling into an abyss of deception & lies & a coup de tat lead to the fall of the man voted African Of The Year.

His replacement? Jacob G. Zuma.

This man smiled & laughed & danced & portrayed humbleness, claiming to serve at the pleasure of the ANC. Meanwhile, he was accused of rape, corruption & incompetance.

Before we new it our government fell into chaos as our fiscal ran into heavy losses. Before we knew it, he built himself an empire, a palace & before we knew it… our democrasy fell & was replaced by an oligarchy.

Now we are faced with a country where the economy is in trouble, students are protesting for education, racism is on the verge of dividing our nation again… & our government is descending into anarchy.

All under the watch of the ANC.

And yet those who support her still believe she stands for a free & fair society.

We are a nation betrayed. We are a nation in need of change.

We have a duty to ensure that we bring these fallen heroes to account & we stand together as a nation because, in truth, it is not the ANC or the EFF or the DA or the UDM or the COPE or the IFP or AGANG or even us, the LOCORSA that you owe your allegiance to… It is The Republic Of South Africa.

So as we get closer to elections, shed your fear & indifference & earn your citizenship. Talk about building our nation with your friends & family, stand up against senseless views & blind obedience, educate the ignorent & above all stand together.

It is only those who actively participate in the politics of our nation that can change it & right now, while we all act unconcerned, the EFF & his policies of anarchy are amassing a following that could replace the ANC.

That is only one dynamic of a political landscape that has been heavily stacked in favour of those who claim to rule you.

So get up, make a difference, fight for your freedoms, demand accountability, make a change, change the destiny of our country. You can do it.

Its time that those who stand for a free & fair & united South Africa stand up & be counted.

Stand up. Stand together. #StandWithUs


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