Racism: The Old Enemy

There is an age old war that has been waged in the shadows. Its a war with countless casualties. A war that maims and a war that definitely kills. Its a war of deception and a war of lies. A war that can seemingly never be won… because it is waged by pulling the wool over all our eyes.

You know what im talking about… its the war of racism. No surprize. It is the reason generations where enslaved. The reason millions where slaughtered. It is what drove The Holocaust, what inspired Apartheid, what lead to Rwanda. Yes… To quote one Agent Smith: “Look through these dull cow eyes & see ur enemy…” Do you see it? The enemy of our race? Hello, Agent Racism!

This war has been at the forefront of almost every conflict waged since the dawn of time. But it is a war that has never made sense. Its a war perpetuated by fear. Quite frankly, I’ve never understood racism. I’ve always wondered why some people believe it is a valid point of view to have.

South Africa has lived with an underlying illness ever since the 1st democratic election. We have been walking around with a wound. Faced with the potential for an all out civil war as a result of years of racial oppression, our leadership guided us towards the 1st defeat racism has suffered… in maybe… ever. The death of the 2nd coming of The Arayan Nation gave birth to The Rainbow Nation. As Raymond Reddington said: “Society is dead. Long live society”.

But there was 1 problem with 1994… the solution we came up with was to put a plaster on a gaping wound, without treating it, or taking out the hatchet. We buried the hatchet in our own brains and thought we wouldnt have to deal with the migraines. The voices in our heads have whispered with bloody lips, but we have been trying to deny the truth. That we have marketed forgiveness and amnesty, but we never discussed the crime.

We, as a nation, have never had an open dialogue about the misconceptions, the miseducation, the brainwashing, the censorship, the hurt or the pain. As a result, the war we thought we won has carried on in the dark office passage ways and the so called anonymous chat platforms of the internet.

Instead of outlawing racial discrimination and educating the nation, we have made it a taboo and condoned doing it in the dark. We call each other kaffir, boer, hottentot, kooli. We call people older than us boy, girl and we even give people names that arent theirs “because we cant pronounce theirs”. We resent others for living different lifestyles to ours. We have become double agents against ourselves. We have been corrupted. We are infected.

But… we are also the vanguard of The Struggle. We are perhaps the most tolerant country in the world. We are a nation forging its identity. We are a nation that was won through activism. We are a nation willing to stand and fight. We are the leaders of The Revolution. And its only becoming apparent now.

So to the #PennySparrow’s to the #SteveHofmeyr’s to the #JuliusMalema’s we say #RacismWillFall! – AQ


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