Taking A Stand: The Line In The Sand

One has to wonder at the way the world around us is escalating into such turmoil. For those more inclined to pay attention to the bigger picture, it would seem that the world we live in is not quite what it seems. When America was “attacked by Al-Qaeda” on that fateful day in September, the world shifted into a gear where America was on a warpath. Now the funny thing is that they have really been on a war path.

Our economies have always been our economic ecosystems & it is within these systems that we have been able to trade. We would create” spiderwebs” to trade with other countries, but always based from our ecosystems. Our world would seem to be changing, no, our world has changed into a world where 1 ecosystem exists in which our economies are now the strings in a giant web, each susceptible to the fall of the other. How is it that it can cost more each year to buy the same thing? How is it that Greece, the former center of academic thought has fallen to ruin? Is this not the home of Achilles & Hercules & Perseus & the likes? Would Odysseus not turn in his grave? Is it our ecosystem that is collapsing our halcyon days?

The Egyptian youth rose up recently to fight their government. The Catalans want to be separated from the Spanish kingdom. The Scottish are clamoring for their right to be independent from The United Kingdom. America thinks no one is aware that they are provoking Russia through the Ukraine. Or that their “foreign policy” seem to be to take orders from Israel. Barack Obama seems to not be the president they expected him to be. In fact, he seems to be a little more dangerous than his cousin was before him. The only difference is that George was direct & vague where Barack is smooth & deceptive.

And then there is Jacob Zuma & cANCer (formally The ANC) who runs a oligarchy ruled nepotocracy in the guise of a constitutional democracy, (which they call a democratic republic) but is actually a kleptocracy. In fact, one could say the whole world is in the grip of a nepotocratic, capitalistic, bureaucratic, bankocratic & corporatocratic aristocracy. Oligarchs using netocracy & kratocratic tactics to create a totalitarian democracy of sorts. Hence why America is fighting to bring democracy to all nations. Not geniocracy, not meritocracy,  not technocracy. Democracy. Why? Because a world governed by demarchy would be very hard to corrupt.

The checks and balances seem to be unchecked & imbalanced. Our world is in peril. There is a war raging on in “the middle east” & it is escalating pretty fast. The crazy thing is that in a world of lets guesstimate 7.3 billion people, there are probably only 730.000 people that are guiding the actions of the world. The wars that happen in our names & our Gods names & in our countries & against our countries are not for our countries. What are we all fighting over? We have all relinquished our sense of Citizenship. As the Americans would say, “we the people” have somehow been tricked into taking a backseat & letting a few lose cannons drive our car like a 14 year old, headlong & at breakneck speed towards a cliff.

From the beginning of our time as humans, we have always looked to others to lead us. There were always those who made more sense, so we took their advice. There were always those who had presence, so we felt respect for them. There were always those who knew more than most, so we learned from them. So people would look to them for guidance & they became the leader. A member of the community elected as the guide. Not the master.

But in the same breath those familiar with statecraft will know that there is 2 sides to every dagger. There are also those who would manipulate people into taking their advice. There are also those that believed they are above everyone else & demanded respect. There are also those that want to know more than most, so they limit what others can learn. So they distract the people into looking the other way, so they can claim authority. Members of the community who deceive their way into positions of power. Rulers

So here we sit, on the backseat, being driven to places we don’t know & surprisingly, we are being taken where we don’t want to go. But no one says anything. When they do, they are branded crazy or an enemy & hunted down in broad daylight. What happened to the days when people would stand behind the just & defend what is right against evil intentions? What the hell is wrong with us? Are we afraid? We really should ask ourselves, “are we afraid?”, because if the answer is yes, then its about time we started answering the next question… “what are we afraid of?”. It cant be our servants right? Our civil servants… it cant be them because civil servants are citizens of a nation that feel it is their civic duty to serve their fellow citizens. And as a body, the civil servants form our government. So why would we fear them? Its not like they keep manipulating us right? Its not like they are above the law right? Its not like they limit the information we know & distract us with t-shirts & smiles & advertisements while they make decisions we don’t agree with, for their benefits & those of special interests right? Cant be. We are not that dumb. 7.3 BILLION people could never get taken down by 730.000 right? Wrong

Our mistake is that we are too… civilized. We refuse to make a ruckus. We are too embarrassed to face public ridicule. We are too concerned with “making money.We forget that being civil is a choice. We forget that we have the right, by birth to act & speak. We forget that it is our civic duty to stand for our nations regardless of ridicule or reward. We forget we are meant to be concerned with building our nations to a level where everyone has food and warmth and education and share in the technologies & opportunities available in the world. We forget that we are the nations. We are the public. So maybe the public should stop fearing public ridicule & ridicule the perception that the public is unaware that our world is in turmoil.

“We the people” are the architects of our society whether voluntarily or involuntarily. There is no society without its people. There is no economy without people trading. There is no war without soldiers fighting. Once we can grasp this concept we will realize that the government, like the devil, only have as much power over us as we allow them to have. We will realize that our economy can only fluctuate if we allow other nations to dictate our worth. We will realize that we don’t have to take orders without question or murder people against our will.

There is a storm coming. Isn’t it about time you picked a side…I have.

For God, family, humanity & The Republic.

#StandWithUs – AQ


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