Taking A Stand: The Rising Revolution

Right now South Africa is on a rocky road. A lot of people are either unaware or too scared to realize that they as the citizens are the ones who have the right & the power to change a government that is incompetent or to voice their concerns & demand accountability to the constitution. But the cool thing about time is that it changes things. People change, things dawn on them & then an impasse gets reached. At that point, they become fully aware of what is wrong & then they have to decide.

The fear is that the government is going to dumb the citizens down. By continuing to lower the education system and building fairy tales on how they are doing a great job. And then with every single election continuing to make big empty promises to desperate people of a better life for all… 20 years later. But if you’re illiterate and desperate you have a higher chance of just following anybody in a suit. Especially when they evoke your emotions via cultural, emotional & racial blackmail. This is a cycle that could be seen to continue forever. Case in point could be seen as North Korea. But I do not think we will go the way of North Korea.

We have enough people who can do something becoming aware that they need to do something so they are now actively thinking about what exactly the something is that we need to do. The part where the cANCer in our government is getting away with it is indeed as we pointed out, by keeping a majority of the populace illiterate so they can get the majority vote. Many people believe they aren’t recognizing kingships & cheiftancies out of respect or cultural whatever, but to have a reason to keep a rural point of view & style of rule so that those people aren’t able to question what their leaders do because its “disrespectful” or whatever. All the missing school books & stolen tech & textbooks not delivered & kids learning under trees could then be seen as a political tactic. But then that would mean that they (the cANCer) don’t see that (or don’t care) that they are sabotaging the entire country. For power. Power that is not a right but is a duty mandated by the citizens for them to administer the laws & infrastructure of our society.

Thus it is that there are so many people upset & wanting change but getting nowhere because they have kept a majority incapable of reason or research or the ability to deduce or conclude or even understand what is happening around them. Its a pickle that is slippery & rotten. But the part where they are fucking up the plan is by their brazenness & unrelenting greed & arrogance & their direct antagonization of the public via taxes & incompetence. Judging from the history of our race (humanity), if they keep pushing the patriots, there will be a revolt. I am not the only person deducing as much. Look at Egypt & RSA circa 1976. All that is needed is for someone with the ability or potential to lead said revolution to arise. I think that is why Mmusi Maimane is garnering so much support. He is being pushed as a Man Of The People. A modern day Mandela with a peppering of Obama. But the spanner in the works would be the EFF.

The perception there is that the young people with the same greedy ideals as the cANCer dinosaurs are trying to get the power in their hands to be the top of the food chain in “the mafia state” That’s all. And they seem to be exploiting the openings created by the cANCer in keeping an illiterate & desperate constituency via them gunning for that same constituency with the same promises but on steroids & with a peppering of anarchy. This is why I a war would be detrimental. Because if we play it out, it would perhaps be the EFF vs ANC vs the patriot, liberals & democrats. The casualties would be too much. The rift made would be too deep & either the EFF would side with the liberals against the cANCer & expect “compensation” under threat of war, or it would be the EFF siding with the cANCer after recognizing the intentions of the liberal agenda are to create a liberal society free of tenders & cooldrink money etc.

So as much as we want change & could revolt… it can’t be & mustn’t be through a war. The goal is not to harm the citizens but to make them aware & change the status quo. No one gets left behind & everyone comes into the light of the south african dream.

But the conundrum is how… How do you make people see what they close their eyes to?

I doubt RSA wants another violent revolt. Though if you look at Egypt, their youth did exactly what we are thinking RSA mite do. But I don’t see us arming unless the government starts a martial law & execution situation. Then they will discover a war their unable to win… I think our revolution will be everyone taking a stand and not paying taxes & becoming more politically active etc. One must hope. But the warning that the cANCerous administration oppressing us via the backdoor must remember, is that if it goes the other way… if they decide to instate military control on us & if they persist in their reckless raping & pilaging of our country & don’t heed our call to relinquish the position of honour awarded to them by a trusting nation… then we’ll have to see exactly how much the intelligencia learnt from Sun Tzu.

The way I see it is that our flag… If you are a citizen, then our flag… Must define you. It must encourage you. It must belong to you. It must be ingrained in you. It is yours to praise. It is yours to defend. It represents you… So we as the citizens, every last one of us (black, white, yellow, peach, purple, green, blue, zulu, tsonga, portuguese, xhosa, venda, afrikaans, sotho etc etc…) Must represent it. We are patriots. Proudly South African‬ citizens of The Republic. So let us act like it & take responsibility for our future or lose it forever to the curse of africa.


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