What Is The Measure Of Success?

What is the measure of success? Is it in the clothes you wear? The car you drive? The suburb you live in? The company you work for? The salary you receive? What is the exact measure of success? Now let me pose another question. What is the definition of success… the long & the short of it is, success is when you achieve something u set out to achieve. Congratulations. Thank you… so success is when u achieve your goal. Meaning not one, but all the above are elements of success. Elements. Parts of a puzzle. The pictures in the story. But what’s the story? Is there a story? What is the benchmark that we should lean towards to try to reach the podium? My answer? There is none.

If u want to call one podium finish out of 30 races a measurement of success… that’s your tattoo. But here is what I think. I believe that ambition is not just a word for people who like things, I believe that to want the car in the house & the villa in Italy are the type of checkpoints one should set for yourself. I believe it’s good to want the finer things in life… but don’t make owning that merc your ultimate. If you do, then you’re telling yourself that the limit is the sky. In truth, the sky isn’t the limit… the universe is infinite. So aim for the stars. You might miss n have to settle for a planet or 2… But aim true. Aim at Alpha Centauri and say, I can blow that up, u might just do it. Getting the podium means u won the race. But what about the title?

What you have to remember, living this life as you, is that the people u idolize, the people you aspire to be like… started at go like you. then they said, action! And started directing their movie. Because, your life, is your movie. Who wants to be the supporting act in their own movie? Who wants to be an extra in their own movie? No one. If you want to become a wealthy so n so… find out what to do to get there, then get there. The only thing standing between u and greatness is what u think of yourself. If u don’t believe in yourself who do u think will? So what do I think is the measure of success? I say it’s the distance you have travelled towards your ultimate goal. The measure of how far you have come from your last checkpoint. If u have the house, aim for the dream house. If u have the money, aim for not having to even check your bank balance. Always try to be better than what you are. As for me? All I want is the world and everything in it. Is that unreasonable? I don’t think so. Goals are reached by decisions made. Decisions are made because of choices chosen. You could be one choice away from success. If u can see it, you can do it. And I see it clearly.

I intend to be remembered in the history of mankind in the company of names such as Elon Musk, Achilles, Alexander, Bill Gates, Malcom X, Guy Fawkes, Casanova, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, van Hellsing, Indiana Jones, Nicholas Flamel, Jesus and Nelson Mandela as someone who made his mark… someone who left the world a legacy. That is my ultimate goal and you… will you be remembered in the history books? Will there be legends about you? Will you make your mark at the top of the mountain? Set out on the perilous quest of veritas and justice and create a dynasty. A true utopia. Or will you settle with the dust. settle for the house in Moreleta park, the Porsche & the wife 20 year younger than you, give up on your dreams, dwell on what ifs, have regrets on your death-bed, cry out like Nicholas D. Wolfwood in the church that this isn’t how you wanted to die… then fade to black. The choice really is yours…



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