What Drives Us?

its amazing what drives us. the things that become our reasons for living or that become the justifications for our actions… are directly proportional memories frozen in time that playback over & over & over & over.

Careless words from a thoughtless soul pierce through the heart of another n bring a fragile sanity to its knees. the things that become our demons are always as a result of moments of defeat that we spend forever trying to redeem ourselves from. some don’t get up n stay there… defeated. broken. left to bleed. too weak to get up n unable to understand why they let themselves fall. confused n lost they drift through life as broken souls, unable to fix themselves. others pretend that their lives are all good and stash it all inside. not aware that one pull on a heartstrings will bring the whole curtain down and leave them as a corpse on a battlefield. impaled by a sword of their making.

Others unfortunately lose control and with the shattering of their sanity comes the end of their existence. so young. so much promise. all lost as they lower the casket into the warm embrace of Gaya. peace at last. but others refuse to be defeated. left to die they summon will from some strange inner force and rise up steely eyed to parry n thrust. cutting through those that would even dare attempt to maim them. raining swift vengeance on those who flung them aside n wrapping steel around their will to stand solid.

Like an immovable object before exploding into an unstoppable force. they are the people who take these our demons and use them as rungs as they ascend to a place of ultimate glory. a place where they stand victorious and defiant. covered in the blood of their fallen enemies. proud to know that they can face anything. demon or angel. man or beast. unflinching confident and arrogant. but none the less safe. safe in the knowledge that though the world may crumble n the tears may fall… they can trust in the reflection in the water. driven mad, driven to death or driven to succeed… it all starts with the choice we make when we fall to our knees. its easy to give up. everybody bleeds. but a man driven can succeed.


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