A History Lesson: South Africa’s Liberal DNA

The whole idea that Mmusi is a non-legitimate alternative black leader to the current type of leader & predominantly “nominated” type of leader & the old guard & their way of thinking is misguided. We are not the struggle generation. No. We are not the generation to solve the struggle. The struggle ended. It was a military endeavor to end a system of oppression established after the “Boer” (and I use that term as a historical ref) or farmers as it translates defeated (yes) the british and established a republic that fell into the hands of men with Aryan type ideals.

Remember the dutch east india company ran a slave trade for the Portuguese that colonized Southern Africa originally (Diaz & Da Gama) & opened a route to africa for dutch people in like 1652 (the Jan Van Riebeeck era). They ran Indonesian, Madagascan & Indian slaves, not natives & the “original settlers” (us black people) where wandering natives from sub-saharan africa. Over the course of many years the Portuguese & dutch joined our own 1000 year wars (Zulus & Thembu/Xhosa & Shona or let’s say Bantu people had been around for a 1000 years in the Southern African region, duking it out for control) & we all settled & had our own wild west, in which the dutch east india co took control of the cape colony & Shaka waged war on the other black tribes, driving the scattering of the tribes & resulting in mfecane in 1820 or so & ultimately created the dominant black kingdom in the Zulu nation.

About 1795 or so the brits took over the colony as Netherlands was invaded & by 1820 we had british settlers & british control & the dutch moved inland & formed the South African Republic & the Free State. 1867 & 1864 lead to the brits trying to actively & officially colonize south africa as gold n diamonds were found & as the european elements valued gold they colluded to try & control the black people & get a slave force (the indians wouldn’t work). 1879 the Zulu fell to england but the dutch held their states in the anglo-boer war & by 1910 had made the union of south africa official as britain passed an act indicating they where leaving control in the hands of the Afrikaners. The “original settlers” & the “new settlers” beat back the british & had the country to themselves. But in 1913 the natives land act started the official segregation. Before that it was blase blase. Blacks in the colonies where free & pursued education & everyone fucked everyone informally. The racial what what was amongst the soldiers fighting the wars. The dutch finding new land after the brits invasion, the brits trying to control it all.

By 1931, the now Afrikaners, forced england out & The Republic of South Africa was born. Being from the Netherlands and england respectively & being used to a kingdom environment & being more learned in politics (yes, at the time) & being more technologically advanced (yes. true story) & being able to read… (we can’t deny that this… what we are doing in its form, reading and using the alphabet, was invented by Europeans… Shakespeare, Guttenberg etc) the european element industrialized south africa & conquered the original settlers politically by putting them to work in the mines & gardens & kitchens. British missionaries however decided to try teaching the “original settlers” to read n write & speak english in exchange for them accepting christianity (good deal) While the dutch/Afrikaners ultimately created laws to restrict the natives as the Aryan idealists took control via the National Party & then eventually via a limited run united with the South African Party where the republic began governing itself as one. When the brits came they had Brit colonies & the dutch had Afrikaans (african) colonies & the sub-Saharans had scattered clans & the thembu had split into thembu & Xhosa & those had even splintered more & the remnants of the original zim kingdom where moeshoeshoes guys I think but more splintering happened etc. So we where all settled & ALL SETTLERS as wars were fought & south africa was inhabited by the people that were engaged in the struggle to claim it & all those that remained had chosen to remain & we all bled & our people all died & where buried & our bloodlines became mixed into the earth.

But like with Hitler & Mussolini & Napoleon & Saddam & Mugabe & & &… (now playing: Julius “Jujubaby” Malema”) A right-wing element gained power within the country. After 1931 when the brits bowed out the british settlers & Afrikaans settlers formed sa & the nats. Sap was the brits n the liberals who wanted unity & peace & the nats where pro Boer or Afrikaner as they had their own states & control as the dominant force. 3 years later they merged to unify the republic & foster peace amongst whites. 5 years later they split over the liberals wanting to join ww2. 1948 the nats (National Party/Nazis) took control & institutionalized segregation. As they felt they won the republic they decided to suppress the original settlers & limit their education & opportunities to keep us from using the politics of the republic to gain control. The sap (South African Party) splintered and the brits n liberals etc either went home, fought apartheid or joined the nats. The nats where like nazis as by around 1961 they altered society based on their Aryan like principals & apartheid was born. As the leading party in the republican political machine the nats co opted the military & became a one party state & used their Aryan beliefs to split the country & enslave those who weren’t of dutch descent, or opposed them, or exposed them etc. The Brit remnants had to shut up as they where here by choice, but under the whole “I could be thrown out” vibe & had no political power & since they where white too & had skills had been allowed to live peacefully.

But being english was still a sore spot. The predominant thought was the Aryan/boer ideology, but in no society, none, not one on earth or the universe is there a hive state of mind amongst people. There where those that came to or ended up in africa & chose to be african & mixed with Africans as Africans etc & where of portuguese descent, Brit descent, asian descent, west/east/north african descent etc… but there where those of dutch descent who felt the same way too & like today where there are different political ideals amongst the black majority on the current government, their experience was similar. But the predominant ideal wins, so the nats where in control & the ideals of the people leading the party where the ideals at play. It is from there that the struggle for a free & fair society began. Historically we where actually all vagrants in the greater kingdom of Zimbabwe. Well we as in those who weren’t Khoi, Zulu, Thembu or Xhosa I suppose. The “original settlers” where khois, zulus & thembus/xhosas followed by the sub saharan tribes that wandered down through natural migration. Those arround the coastal areas. The rest was the kingdom of Zim before the Portuguese sabotaged them. The system of land ownership was weaved in to the fabric of society as “progress” happened & we built “clans” & “tribes” as we banded together for protection. And after the dutch landed in Capetown they where settlers too with the rest of us. We all historically were drawn to south africa. But the legacy of british rule did 2 things.

1.) It decimated the greater kingdom of zim & the outlying “tribes” absorbed or destroyed the outlying zim peoples who didn’t settle in what became Rhodesia on the one hand while it caused the dutch to encroach on the Transvaal & Shaka to wage war on the “original settlers” on the other hand.

2.) It imparted on our society literature & linked us to the society of the greater world. And with all the new knowledge & technology we had access to we created south africa as we know it. Albeit that mainly happened under the leadership of the nats. The whole becoming a republic & independence thing etc… it’s actually the Afrikaners that threw england out politically by declaring us a republic. But to their shame they let the nats/nazis control their policies.

Eventually however, when the republic could no longer stand the noose of the political ideology governing us & harming us, those who were against it protested & fought & died. Same as the way we all fought off the brits. The lie is that it was the anc & that it was only blacks fighting whites & not patriots vs Aryans, Left vs Right or right vs might. You see my friends, like with the world, the fight for south africa has always been a right vs left thing. Ever since different tribes settled here. The right-wing Ideal = one group is superior & should either kill all others or enslave them & The Leftwing Ideal = all of us are equal as we are people & human & should be free & have a harmonious society. The european element added the whole definition part & organization part to the ideals via existing ideologies (communism, socialism, fascism, democracy, autocracy, dictatorship, oligarchy, monarchy etc) So, basically, as much as it hurts us so badly to think about it, apartheid was a 80 year system of ideology held together by violence & “legalities” instigated by the then ruling party which had a right-wing ideology & an entitlement complex as they had control of a vast majority of land. Remember they won their states in open warfare same as zulus, xhosas, sothos etc. But because they where white, england “gave them control” of the country & thus colonized RSA via the backdoor. They accomplished this by making one of the conditions of their exit that we use their judicial model & political model (though we altered it to a degree to suit the whole boer vs brit situation until the union after 1910 & then split over ww2)

So in truth, “Whites” have been in south africa for close to 400 years. Indians & asians too. This is why I think there is a bit of expectation or rather attention on Mmusis victory & why it is legitimate. The DP had been the party standing for the minority liberal thinkers after the SAP died & smaller parties were formed. Politically they where weak as predominantly they where the english descended minority. And originally they where white only as erm apartheid had laws against mixing (even thought its members like Zille where in the Black Sash & such fighting apartheid…). And while Thabo & co where growing up in Obasanjos house in Nigeria & then campaigning against apartheid in britain & drumming up support for only the anc, the liberals where fighting too & a lot of it was the DP then. Ultimately the way we look at them is based on colour because that is what has divided us. But 1990 to 1994 lead to non-whites gaining access to knowledge (as u see above) & ultimately it led to us becoming politically aware (to a degree) but a lot of people aren’t because of the legacy of apartheid. So there is a new divide. Those black people who know history & understand the mechanics of society & warfare & thus understand and admire the deal reached to lead to the relatively peaceful & relatively well off “new south africa” & those that just know the surface shit about how whites oppressed blacks & benefited from apartheid so therefore must all be racists & want all black people to die. Translation ANC/EFF types & then the ones that just feel that they oppose the ideologies espoused by the 2.

You see, after reading all this you can see why what Nelson accomplished was historic. No other african country managed to fight off britain & survive. Yes we where still economically disadvantaged, but that is because the point of the struggle was to stop the oppression & gain equal opportunities for all & a free environment & education. Corporate companies run “the world” not just south africa & so the economy is not in the governments control. But legislation & administration is. Under Zum Zum Zum, they have manipulated & abused & ignored legislation & blundered & fucked up administration instead of try to balance the equation. They (the ANC) have become the evil they fought to dethrone. They have turned RSA into a Mafia State/Cronyocrasy & have left the people who supported them to fend for themselves. The biggest crime (besides Nkandla, Nkandla, Nkandla… hololo… & the arms deal & all the millions allocated for the administration of the country that end up in the coffers of these self entitled neo-nats in power) is that the government has subjected a majority of people to illiteracy. They have sabotaged their education (same as the nats) & they have left their areas under-developed. Some of these areas are even the areas these “comrades”, socialist elitists & cronies come from. And I believe they have done this to keep themselves in power because the illiterate majority might not be aware or care or be able to fathom the level of corruption & incompetence & mismanagement that is the cause of their struggles, the perpetuate of their plight & quite frankly, the new noose of oppression hamstringing them because their intelligence is being controlled.

But in the time between 1994 & now, our society has matured somewhat (its like a toddler in terms of time) & many “previously disadvantaged” people know that the segregation is over & that we have freedom & have accessed knowledge & can see & understand & oppose & choose based on facts & history & can formulate ideas & ideals & opinions & theories… & considering we now know where The DA is coming from & since we can read what they stand for & see what they stand for have kinda watched them operate… Its a safe bet to conclude that they are a non-racist party. But it was always going to be a “white” party in “black” eyes unless a candidate emerged to represent their interests. So when Mmusi left anc & joined them, they had one. Well they had Lindiwe, but she was kinda the “token” by virtue of pr. You can’t fault them that. This is the grudge “black” south Africans have over the DA. But we tend to forget that they couldn’t have black supporters even if they wanted to up until 1994 by penalty of death or dishonour. So they had to promote Lindiwe & the likes to make their non racialism ideal more visible. To prove their intentions. But the masses are fickle & the socialist agenda (or rather Cronyocratic agenda/Zumaic agenda) comes with a hypnotic propaganda machine. So as far as a lot of people are concerned, black leadership is a con in the DA. So, did they fast track Mmusi? Yes. Same as Tony fast tracked Hellen because she was ex Black Sash and he was “too white” & too pro british interests to be seen as a true liberal democrat in a south africa that is 80% black. And so, since Hellen realised Mmusi has the mind to lead & is a patriot not a victim of apartheid… She backed him.

The DA is a liberal party. The anc is a socialist party, with capitalistic tendencies, communistic connections & a dictatorial leadership. So it’s not that people are putting pressure or expectation on Mmusi. In fact the question of the legitimacy of his election is in itself illegitimate. Based on our historic analysis & the facts of how, why, when & who was who in this whole racial misunderstanding… and in an almost impossible turn of events based on our political landscape, he (a black guy) is now the leader of the DA (a liberal party) & it has no ties to the anc (other than that some people left it to join the fight), no designs on raping the country, no reason to feel entitled to own the nation & a strong following that differentiates them from the likes of Cope etc, it’s not that outlandish to believe that he is the right guy to stand for the liberal agenda of non-racialism, accountability, equality, peace etc.

Anyway that’s just off the top of my head so some of the facts are vague. Even though I’m not a DA supporter, I’m excited about the rise of Mmusi Maimane because of what he has accomplished & what he stands for. Its his DA now. We made Hellen jokes up the wazoo, but never assumed she was a puppet for Tony. So why would Mmusi be a puppet for Hellen? Because he is black? I object. As a Patriot, I know the history of my land & have a jist of the mechanics behind it. I am black & proud, but I’m a Millenial! We are the liberal generation & as such will support the cause. So what about you? Will you stand for a free & equal society? I think Mmusi will. Time will tell.


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