Truth Or Lies: The Promise Of Mmusi Maimane

So this is what I said to a friend of mine about Mmusi Maimane. My friend had some choice words to say about Mr DA & I had a few choice retorts to say in his defence. Friend will be IM & I will be AQ. Bear in mind I am neutral & my mate Is a card-carrying EFF member.

IM: “It is actually hilarious how the DA is trying hard to legitimise Mmusi Maimane anointed leadership position as a democratically elected leader and Wilmont James playing along to this circus cracks me up even further. Throwing in a little non existing sex scandal to make people think that the are actually people in the DA who are so desperate not to have him as a leader that they go to the extent of fabricating negative stories about We should always use history as part of the fundamental variables in our equations when we analyse situations. Based on history one can easily predict future. The DA has always been a political party that sings from the same hymn book, but when it suits them they’ll want you and I to believe that they hold divergent views. Mmusi is the DA’s little Obama experiment based on the US Democrat model after John Kerry “discovered” Obama. His meteoric rise to “power” in the DA has nothing to do with his own abilities, but rather with the DA’s ambitious plan to govern South Africa in the next 10 years. So the strategists in the DA will try every little trick they know to make him a legitimate leader including subjecting him “bad publicity” that can be easily dismissed as it is self-created.”

AQ: “That is quite a mouthful. Why would he need to do that if he stands out as the most capable leader in the fray? Even if he is their “Obama” rather Obama or “Obama” than Jacob Inc. Show me a leader more capable, sensible, intelligent etc & we will have our next president.

It’s not just words that make the man. There are many in the fray. Many with grudges & fat fingers in cookie jars meant for the citizens of The Republic. Many with plans to get rich & famous etc. If that was a DA strategy I would applaud it. But its more like a plan to cause dissent while they are weak. Any strategist worth his salt would exploit the gap. But sounds like u believe they can dust it off on some yes we can & take the elections. Damn homie, you crossing the floor? Lol!

I still say we need a patriot living in 2015 (not their memories) to run for president. Could care less about DP or DA or whatever, but Mmusi did something even you n I couldn’t do. He found a vehicle to put him in the race for president. And to more & more people he is making sense. But I guess some people will always see the world through wool & emotions. Race is a lie to control u buddy. Ever heard of the human race? Did u know you are a member?

We want to live in a free & fair SA & that’s SA with everyone in it as is right now. We want to take SA circa 2015 & make it better. But nothing gets better by trying to rewrite or repeat history. This whole politicking by race is foolish. The world has become a world where citizenship is more about allegiance than nativity. With all the wars in the world not many original inhabitants inhabit the countries we live in.

So unless u want a country at war or you want a world where racism is okay & accepted or you want things like xenophobia then you should maybe believe in someone who is trying to create a better south africa for us all. If not then leave the ones who are trying to their legacy. I think what Mmusi is doing as a Black Man & a Black Leader but 1st & foremost as a Patriot of The Republic that exists today, is commendable. While some have thrown their economic shackles they have kept their racial ones. Not only has the guy got spunk & a head on his shoulders, but he is young & free of the shackles of racism. That is a leader. And I’m sure he is handy with a saw & wood & could build houses with Extreme Makeover if they did an SA edition. That’s character. Jujubaby on the other hand… Eish. Ima consult his rap-sheet to measure him up to Mmusi. But I’m sure u know better than me who has a better character between the two. Who is more scrupulous? Who is more intelligent? Who is more capable? Who is more of a leader between the guy people call by his name & the guy they tease?

It’s sad how the culture perpetuated by the cANCer in our government has created a society where we don’t care about SA. We don’t care about being her Citizens. We join politics in the hope of climbing to positions of power so we can make money & have power. We think it’s not what we are doing. We think people don’t see what we are doing. But it is & they do. So just watch. Leave Mmusi & the DA & focus on teaching Jujubaby how to cut wood & build houses in Limpopo that don’t fall like the aunty in Nkandla. Man is actually making a difference.”

But now here is the question… Is Mmusi Maimane the man to turn the tide? Is he the sell out Uncle Tom? Is he just working an angle? Only time will tell. From what I’ve seen I’m inclined to root for him.

2 thoughts on “Truth Or Lies: The Promise Of Mmusi Maimane

  1. That is one way of seeing it. I can understand the fear with the Obama comparisons. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a DA supporter or fan or PR guy or whatever. I am, apparently, a liberal. And this is based on people highlighting that the PC term for my belief in a free & fair & equal society is “liberal nonsense” (makes me wonder why everyone isn’t a liberal then) But I digress. The point is that I am pro free & fair & equal society. I donsee how Mmusi could be a… puppet. At least not anymore than any other politician in the world. Because the nature of the political models we use is that “parties” tend to need funding & thus (sadly) end up indebted to the “benefactor”. Its a breeding ground for corruption obviously. But its “how it works”… apparently. And if you read your history (or read my last post) the DA actually has roots its roots in advocating equality & freedom… So I highly doubt they could be reverse racists. I myself am colour blind so I donbegrudge Mmusi a “white” wife. He is human & she is human. I mite begrudge him an alien wife. Unless she was hot… Like an Asari from Mass Effect or something. Lol! 😉 What I’m saying is my cause is a cause of #RSAPatriots vs corruptors of our country. And unless new players with the right intentions & similar ideologies enter the field of play to stand as candidates or stand with us patriots against the subversive/oppressive/corruptive “leaders” of our country… Then we have to select from what is available what is the group with an ideology similart to our own. For me, the determining factor in whether I support a part or candidate or not is not colour, because that is just pigment based on the environments different tribes spawned in. It is not race, because our race is humanity & it is not based on popular opinion. It is the ideology. So as much as I get your point, I wouldnbe scared of a Maimane led government because he seems like a candidate that mite be the closest to the ideal of a liberal society. Change is needed. No one is perfect. So maybe if we get a new administration who is able to fix some or all of our biggest issues, then we can deal with the issues that arise after that. I just don’t see that as the EFF because anarchy will help no one & neither will revenge. And I am against what the ANC has become as what people now reffer to as “cANCer”. If you look at the players… COPE, UDM, IFP, KISS Party etc… DA stands out as a powerful liberal/democratic alternative. But to each his own. Also you have some pretty good points.


  2. The only problem is that Obama used the same play of change and he did nothing for blacks in 6 years as president. In 2012 he told blacks to stop complaining though they faced 14% unemployment! No blacks are protesting and rioting in the USA due to their poor conditions! This guy mmusi will be the same. The ANC is bad but the DA will be worse. This guy and his wife will be a puppet. Obama is bad but there is some credibility for his difficulty because the USA mostly white and he’s black. The the RSA is mostly non white. So it’ll look stupid when he’s president and can’t help blacks at all. The guy who doubts mmusi may be correct. Vote for the anc or another party but not the DA led by this puppet mmusi. Research Obama and looks what Hilary Clinton, Robert gates and Leon Panetta said about him in their memoirs. Obama was a bad leader. Those people worked for him and said that. Obama was scared to do bold things justifiably and a puppet mmusi will be scared. Him and his white wife are cut but propaganda for the DA to hide behind. In the USA and UK interracial marriage is now used as a propaganda/crutch for racists in a desperate attempt to placate and control blacks. South Africa! Get a real diverse opposition to the anc. But don’t fall for puppet mmusi, the DA and their bag of tricks. ALL races need a fair deal in south Africa. Don’t soil Mandela, biko and all the whites who fought for freedom’s legacy to make south Africa a free nation for everyone!



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