“After thinking long & hard about it… I have decided they must pay. All of them. Everyone. The ones involved must pay. There is a line you can’t cross & they crossed it. There is a time for forgiveness & I passed it. And the doors to the demon will unlock & the tremors will have aftershocks. Coz after thinking long & hard about it… I have decided they must pay. All of them. For all of it. Only time will have the final say.” – Human

I’m watching Pulp Fiction & thinking “What?” Lol! Say what again. The words we write are of movies in our heads. Before a what becomes a “What?” There must be a what to say what to… & so we find Bruce Willis slicing his captors with a katana (the one anyway), jumping on a bike n grabbing his girl & driving off into the… well I’m sure he took the highway. Sliza tsotsi. Hahahahaha! Films are ideas made in the minds of mad men. Dreamers & magicians. But the Most interesting films have interesting dialogue. Words. The story. The story is in the words. From a writers head to an actor’s words & a camera man’s aim & a directors… direction obviously, we have a movie making us double daring each other to “Say what again”

Makes one wonder when we woke up & decided to create stories from our heads. But the fact that we do means we can create worlds out of thin air that exist nowhere else but in our minds. And yet we managed to create films that become reality by virtue of us adopting the words written rather randomly from a writers head.

There are stories written with tales so fantastically fantastic where the words seem to writhe in gymnastics & you find yourself transported to a world so complete with situations so unique that you can visualize them. Now imagine your favourite book as a movie. The problem that happens when words are rent into reality by the wordsmiths forging worlds out of words is that sometimes Dragonball the Movie happens. But then sometimes The Lord of the Rings happens & The Hobbit & you find yourself in the mind of a magician.

There is nothing more powerful than film. Films are the ideas of dreamers who happen to be have the tools to create a mini illusion or rather grand illusions that take us to The Forbidden Kingdom for example. Or of course our heart wrenching mind altering trip through The Matrix…

Part of our progress as a species can be attributed to our imagination. Being able to plan tomorrow. Or the next second. Imagine how your odds of survival go up. Hence our society is so adaptable that we seem to be the only race in space. Now there is no way to prove otherwise. But what if we are not alone? With words Isaac Asimov made us imagine the possibilities & so did Spielberg & Scott & Abrams.

There are many tales to be told. And tales that have been told that can be told better. And tales that would become almost real if they were put to film. So we will be having a seat at A Table at the Oscars (not to be confused with the Oscars) & taking a look at the imaginarium of tales written in time… (From time to time) & seeing what makes the films we revere so timeless & what makes Vash (The Stampede) so cool & a fool & analysing James Bonds tools & just generally breaking all the rules & regulations to see the visions in the words & to wax a bit philosophical about the what ifs & camera angles & special effects & drawings & soliloquies (hope I spelt that right) that we escape to in the films & books &anime & manga & poetry et al, written from the minds of the wordsmiths, scribes & magicians of our day. Take a seat.

PS: For those of you waiting for my Marvel vs. DC piece… Erm… You know DC is involved so there will be delays. Hahahaha!!! I jest. Look for me by sunrise of the fourth day. I will come over the hill 😉





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