Choose Life

Life is a journey. And like any journey, its outcome is dependent on choice. The choices we make govern the path that we take. You could go to India or Singapore for a month and return having drunk cocktails at the hotel bar & gone shopping like the boring fucking tourist you are. Or you could come back having had the greatest adventure of your life. A lil misunderstanding with the bouncer at some dodgy Tai joint could lead to you being the target of a bunch of crazy thugs. Before you know it you are running from the Punjabi mob, Interpol and the Japanese yakuza. Kicking ass from Bombay to Beijing. Tapping ass from Mumbai to Bangkok. The problem is choice…

So… “Choose life.” Choose to live. Choose to breath. Choose to stand on the hill & look at the road before you with courage. Choose to wake up in the morning with a purpose. Choose to run towards the ledge & leap. Choose to look into the eyes of the one you love & believe. Choose to be aware. Choose to make a choice. “Truth or consequence… say it aloud.”  Choose to look around you & see people. Choose to believe in something greater. Choose to make peace when you are forced to fight. Choose to be a better person than the one from yesterday. Choose to have an effect. Choose to give & earn respect. Choose to look at the world around you & marvel. Choose to want to create. Choose not to hate, Choose not to be afraid to engage in debate. Choose to break the plate. Choose your words & your thoughts. Choose to be the better man. Choose to teach. Choose to preach. Choose to make a speech. Make the choice to breach. Choose whether to be or not to be, it really is the question.

Choose faith over religion. Choose freedom over dominion. Choose family over friends & choose family from your friends. Choose to be part of a bigger family. Choose to acknowledge everyone. Choose to discover. Choose to escape. Choose to remember history. Choose to decide your fate. Choose God. Choose Allah. Choose Jehovah. Choose to realise they are one & the same. Choose to use the power of your brain. Choose to act. Choose to be fearless. Choose to be fair. Choose to be formless. Choose wisdom. Seek knowledge. Choose to participate. Choose not to be complacent. Choose to be patient. Choose to live in a better world. Choose to go to space. Choose to be part of the human race. Choose chocolates every now & then. Choose to read. Choose to succeed. Choose to be true & more importantly choose you.

Dankie Trainspotting… “Choose life.”


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