The Fate Of Humanity

For those of you who may be familiar with King Arthur & his knights… you will of course know that The Round Table was the table of honour, chivalry & truth. It was the table where only the men with the best intentions would sit & talk about the realm they lived in & make choices on how to save it. Where The Siege Perilous tested the grit of all the knights & humbled many men. It was the ultimate MC/clubhouse/think tank. Except when it came to women… (*cough, cough* looking at you Lancelot) But we shall do as they did as we sit on a siege perilous & wax philosophical about a subject we have forgotten more about than what we now believe we know. Shall we begin?

Humans. “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”. We are the anomaly on this magnetic rock drifting in aether. The masters & commanders of everything we survey. The land, the animals, the sea & even the sky. We create out of nothing that which we desire & we destroy without regard that we detest. We are the sole animal (as we are classed) that can re-imagine not just our environment but the outcomes of our interactions & manipulate everything around us to favour our endeavours. It is quite astonishing when you think about it. But at the same time it isn’t… because you can think about it. The makeup of humanity is vastly different to all of creation. But we tend to linger on a nagging idea. An idea that might prove the final Achilles Heel for all of mankind… that we are evolved apes. That we somehow ended up falling out of a tree & started walking? Perhaps as we got up & dusted ourselves off we shook an angry fist at the heavens & decide to proceed to kick the earth’s ass for making us fall? “You’re gonna learn…” we told her before proceed to whip out the glowing drill of destiny & have our way with her. I am going to go on record as saying I highly doubt it.

We walk around subconsciously clinging to the idea that we “evolved” from the chimpanzees at the zoo into the gorillas on the couch. We (& by we, I mean you, me, your kids, my family, your promised land & my country) are being taught that the origins of humanity are anything but unique. We are taught about Darwinism in schools from an early age. The taung skull, the cave markings, Homo erectus, Neanderthal etc. But it is never juxtaposed with any alternate ideas. It’s probably safe to say that we are kind of indoctrinated with it. Be all you can be & all that. For those of you who watched Christopher Nolan’s Inception, you will recall… that they explored the theory that if an idea is planted deep enough in a person’s psyche, it could change their outlook on life. So it’s safe to deduce that perhaps the reigning theory of evolution… has had a profound impact on the psyche of Humanity. But then again, one could argue that religion is in the juxtaposed position… except these days religion is frowned upon. So on the one hand we were told we turned from apes into men & some evolved better than others (which makes racism & classism make sense) & on the other hand we are told that a higher power made man & gave him the earth and animals to live on & watch over (which makes our society seem a bit off)

Thus we have been trudging along, with long thunderous strides, in a headlong hunt for technological advancement, which of course is a wholly human idea, without wondering how exactly we accomplished this feat & why we are born & then die. We have (for some reason) desired & discovered a way to warp the world around us. To make houses out of rock, to make weapons out of steel, to make poisons out of chemicals & to even defy the laws of nature at will. For some “unknown” reason, we have become more “evolved” than all the other animals on our terra firma. Where most animals use only the limbs & parts of their body that they were given to survive, live & thrive… humanity has somehow managed to go from butt naked in the bush, eating raw fish & worms & roots & plants… to canning shredded & salted tuna, making worm shaped sweets, carving French fries out of potatoes & packaging frozen veggies, in the space of 5000 years. Of course “humans” have been around for about 200000 years according to the theory of evolution & the carbon dated evidence of human like skulls & bones scattered across the earth. But might I remind you, we have been hunting for Atlantis & Shamballa for the past odd thousand years, painting giants, centaurs & tokoloshes on the walls & pondering about the impossibility of the existence of the pyramids of Giza. So let’s go with 5000 for now or we’ll be arguing all night about what could have happened in those other 195000 years.

We have managed to alter our “nature” to become a species that not only is at the top of the food chain but even controls the environment around the food chain & as a result, we have become the species that controls the fate of not only our world, but the creatures within it. Quite the responsibility as you can imagine. But rather than take our curatorship of the planet as a responsibility, we have chosen to take our position at the top of the food chain as an opportunity & have almost vowed to use our every ability to advance the human race to a state of “enlightened transcendence”… to ascend to a more “evolved” form of humanity. Akin to Akira Toriyama’s theory of the Super Saiyan on his highly popular manga about the Dragonball Saga. So, as we were taught, we have been living our lives in a path towards “evolving” into the meta-humans of DC & the mutants of Marvel. Yet we seem to have forgotten one fatal flaw in our quest for Darwinian Transcendence… the theory of evolution is a theory. It is not scientifically proven or corroborated, or evidenced in any way.

The Theory of Evolution that links humanity in its current form to the primate genus ft. Australopithecus, Neanderthal etc., etc… is not proven to be true. How do I know this? Why do I have the gall to say the world is round when it is flat? Because the evidence of the evolution myth points to a missing link. “The Missing Link”. Suffice to say the link between humanity & ol’ Australopithecus & co is that here is no link between humanity & the idea that we evolved from apes to humans by natural selection. If that was a possibility… then, as Kat Williams pointed out, why are there still monkeys in the jungle if apes evolved? Where they the apes that couldn’t peal the banana on the 1st try? Where they the retarded monkeys? We can’t say. We don’t know because educators have even been taught to teach evolution as fact & we have been taught that the official story is always the absolute truth. We have been trudging along trying to evolve some more… by all means necessary. Mwahahaha!

Now on the flip side we have the whole idea of religion & belief. The idea that we were created as is & set on the planet to live our lives for a purpose. That we are in fact not defined as animals but are a species entirely apart. The problem with the religious idea or creation mythology ideal however, is that everyone on the planet has different versions of how exactly it went down. Because of our decision to settle in tribes we ended up developing a tribal mentality & created tribal societies. As the tribes spread & settled, we ended up developing different myths & legends, needs & points of view. We developed different ways of communication & thinking & soon the idea of how we were created & who created us & why has become the stuff that literature has been written about. It has become the thing that wars are fought over. It has become the identity of the people of the world. Identity based on “who believes what I believe”. As if it is the measure of reality. Are those who believe what we believe real & the infidels, heretics, kaffirs & fools, those that believe something else, figments of our wild, wild imagination? Are we in an imaginarium of lies holding a flame for truth in the wind? Sadly that is not a question that can be answered exactly if you are not inclined to believe in a higher power.

But what is clear however is that we have roped the world under us & enslaved everything around us in a bid to either find our God or create it. The human race has walked a path of conquest & alteration for most of our conscious memory & attempted to create our ideal society. But the crack in our picture, the gaping abyss in our path has been the fact that based on our tribal culture & resultant varying ideologies & mythologies… our idea of the perfect society has not proven to be the same as everyone else’s. Where some believe it is a society where everyone is free to be whom they want to be & free to make what they want of what they can get. Others believe it is a society where all are equal & the powers that be ensure that all is free & fair. However in our culture of conquest & tribalism, the society we have ended up creating is a society of conqueror & conquered. In any situation where there is a hierarchy system… a system of subservience or subjugation… it is a system of conqueror & conquered. It might sound strange in this context… but the more apt term would be master & slave or ruler & servant. No really. The idea of answering to another person & being subject to their judgment is the exact system that was used to conquer empires. The king was the leader & what he said went. And because delegating is awesome, the king would second lieutenants & give them the power to do the same etc. until there was a hierarchy that answered to one person. And then because of this group of individuals becoming more influential in their society than the normal men… they would subjugate those less powerful than them in a cascading game of blackmail, murder, war, deception & e voila! You would have a master & his slaves. So… if we touch down to here & now & put it in context, the one who is employed is the servant & the one who employs is the master. The one who rules is master & the one who votes him in is the slave. Basically, you live within an empire, the empire of humanity & the person or persons at the head of the empire are on a totally different mission than what you are.

Most people believe in the Gods of their parents & live a life based on the idea that they were created & when they die they would return to their creators & answer for their time on earth. Every civilization has lived based on that premise. And as much as the versions & stories seem to differ, the concepts & evidence points to the same thing. The key difference between the two theories of humanities origins is that on the one hand you have a legend (or 52) that accounts for the creation of the world & everything in it & on the other hand you have a theory (or 12) that hypothesizes about the creation of the universe & some of the things in it. It would be even fair to say it actually only hypothesizes about a limited amount of the universe. We actually only know what we can see & touch & feel. In science one is supposed to only deal in facts right? What we can prove. And yet we have managed to create an array of tools based on theories we have hypothesised. But more often than not the things we have created where the result of failed experiments. We tried to make pink & we got purple. We tried to make an everlasting battery & we made a nuke. So why then do the governments of the world allow unproven theory to be “pushed” as they would say in wrestling? Because of the reason that there will never be a way for the poor of the world to be saved. Because the theory of evolution says that some people are better than others… they are more capable & have superior abilities. And in a tribalized society that is built on an infrastructure of hierarchy, there is no better way to justify subjugation than with that premise. Because of this mickey that we get slipped in our textbooks, the world is allowed to make sense. We don’t have to deal with our daddy issues. “Who’s your daddy?” “Australopithecus!” What an epic fail.

Now while it might seem like I am unleashing some kind of religious “Pantsi evolution, pantsi…. Pantsi!” war cry, please note that we have not referenced any bible verses or anything. You see, the thing is that we are only as smart as the information we have access to. We can only conclude based on the facts available & we can only deduce based on the parameters of logic & database of information that we know to be true. So basically we only know what we have learnt. Now if we only know what we learn, then what would happen if someone could control what we could learn? Would that not give them the ability to manipulate our very thought process? If I could brainwash a person & then re-educate them into believing it was the dark ages (let’s call this person Subject H), they would freak out & be out of time in 2015. H would be awkward & helpless in our society, unless they were taught how to function within it. And how H functions from then on will be based on him referencing what he learns on he would be taught. So, like H, we function based on what we have learnt. But like H, what we are taught is controlled by someone else. From the age of 6 to the age of 18 we are required to go to school & learn. Which is fine & actually quite commendable. Except what we learn is decided by a bunch of guys in some department & vetted into a “syllabus” & then it is given to us as our database of knowledge. How we learn to assimilate it is up to us but at the end of the day that is what we are taught is true. We are also taught not to question what we are taught (because we are taught not to question authority), however we are then taught to question what we learn. This paradox then leads most people to accept their confusion & to just do as they are told.

We laugh at them, the simple people, but the simple mindedness comes from people accepting that they don’t understand the world around them & as much as they do not understand what is happening around them, they don’t have a frame of reference to attempt to understand it with, so they find a safe zone and try to live within it & deal with life to the best of their understanding. And the best part is that it has nothing to do with brain power… even some of the smartest people are simple. A case of street smarts vs. book smarts. As you can see it is a complicated situation when you think about it. Which makes a bit of sense as to why most people aren’t even aware that the theory of evolution isn’t proven… because their textbooks, the History Channel & that older dude Fran is dating said humans come from apes. The amount of stuff we are taught then told is not true is so much that we tend to only focus on what is within our control & what affects us. We can talk of what we could be capable off all day but there are people with such capability affecting the world around us & affecting us directly right now but we don’t even know who they are and how they do it, but petrol goes up by some authority. The value of the money that you think you own changes without your knowledge or consent. People discover things that change history or invent things that change our lives but we don’t even wonder how. Ok maybe we wonder “How did he do that? Wow…” for all of 5 seconds & then proceed to enjoy said flashy innovation because in our society of hierarchy, it’s not the waitresses job to wonder what it means that 1% of the word controls 50% of the wealth & that the poor & war-torn nations are that way because in evolution, the “inferior species” has to give way to the “superior species”.

The fate of humanity is thus a perilous one. As with all the other societies that have come before our modern one, ours has reached a point of departure where more questions exist than there are answers because there is a lot of information that doesn’t make sense & as with the societies that have existed before ours we are gradually starting to wonder exactly where all of our systems of leadership are leading us to & what those with the capability to alter the world are doing. The problem here is that in a society who’s historical evidence of its origins only exists for 5000 of 200000 years… yet we have legends of societies more advanced than our own having been on the planet (because the barefoot Israelis couldn’t have built pyramids we can’t recreate today), it’s very possible that our time is almost up to change that fate. But it is only when “the singularity” becomes a reality & your mobile technology starts being able to predict your patterns & thoughts, track your whereabouts & even monitor your vitals… in real-time… daily & autonomously… & consciousness can be transferred & weather can be changed & asteroids can be caught & you are either evolved & plugged in or you work for someone who is evolved & plugged in, that we might start wondering what is going on.


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